BtoBet: Horse racing a ‘must-have instance’ for UK market

With a new year and new opportunities ahead, BtoBet’s Chief Operating Officer, Dima Reiderman, spoke to SBC Americas about the company’s progress in 2021 and outlook for the next 12 months.

2021 proved to be a positive year for BtoBet, as Aspire Global completed the full migration of its partner brands onto the sportsbook platform. Additionally, the company enjoyed successful financial results, with its value increasing by 68.7% to €7.8 million according to Aspire’s Q3 report.

Looking back on the year ended and forward to 2022, Reiderman also noted the importance of individual market preferences – such as the importance of horse racing in the UK, where along with France BtoBet has predicted a ‘renaissance’ for the sport.

He explained:

“One has to keep in mind that the betting preferences of our core markets – Africa and Latin America in particular – are very much different than what shapes up the player preferences in the more mature markets, such as in the United Kingdom for instance. And it is with this in mind that we are developing our sportsbook offering to fit the taste of these more mature markets. Horse racing is a must-have for instance in the UK, whilst bookmakers and operators in Latin America and Africa do tend to do without it. Another example is esports, which is a high bandwidth consumption product, and whilst again it is a must for some markets, it’s not a prerequisite for others.”

Commenting on BtoBet’s overall commercial performance, the COO observed that the platform had established a strong foothold in Europe and has begun to consolidate its position in Latin America.

“Looking back at January last year, we’ve spoken openly about our intent to be present in the more mature markets. Now we are in a position to say that we are present in these high-yield markets, and we want to further increase our presence in these markets. We have gone live in Poland and the UK, and are keen to continue building our presence in what is Europe’s biggest market. At the same time, I am also very positive that 2022 will see BtoBet very active on the European front and entering multiple jurisdictions in this mature market. All this whilst at the same time further maintaining our growth strategy in emerging markets, where for instance in the past weeks we have announced our partnership with FanDuel in Brazil.”

Summarising BtoBet’s 2021 performance and outlining the transition into the New Year, Reiderman highlighted BtoBet’s ‘agility’ as well as the benefits of being part of the publicly listed Aspire Global group.

The COO stated:

“However, whilst very satisfied with what we have achieved during the past 12 months, we set even more ambitious targets for us for the coming 12 months and which will see BtoBet registering further significant growth in terms of revenue. Being part of a publicly-traded group also allows BtoBet to explore benefits from the group synergies, sharing knowledge and experience, and at the same time optimising costs.”

He added: “And the past 12 months have actually shown that one does not necessarily need to come on account of the other. All this hard work will eventually pay off in the coming years because BtoBet will be one of the market leaders in the sports betting industry.”


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