BtoBet is a pioneer in the sports betting and online casino technology solutions, providing award winning sports betting and online casino solutions and a full range of management services to their partners. The technological intelligence at the core of their products and deep know-how at local level, coupled with the drive to find innovative solutions enable them to anticipate the industry’s future needs, resulting in a competitive advantage for their partners.

BtoBet and all its products and services are fully compliant in regulated markets all over the world.

BtoBet Vision:
As a pioneer in new technologies for iGaming operators, BtoBet’s vision is to optimise and deliver a next level player experience through its highly flexible and customizable iGaming platforms.
They constantly aim to improve and set new standards to provide operators with technologies that are data driven and which allow a high level of personalization that enable their partners to create a truly customised and distinguished experience for their fold of players.

Future – proof your Business with BtoBet.
With new technology being rolled out on a daily basis, our aim is to make our technologies future-proof. Success in such a constantly evolving scenario as the iGaming industry, heavily relies on an agile yet efficient and secure technological approach, that not only applies itself to the present needs, but also integrates effortlessly any future technologies. This acts as the principle safeguard for your operations, with tomorrow’s technology made available and seamlessly assimilated to your operations.

They put their partners in the advantageous position of having at their disposal advanced technological solutions and the essential knowledge at micro-level to give them a competitive edge and work closely with partners to adapt the technology to their needs, their player preferences, and the local market requirements.

They provide partners with a tailored iGaming platform that will deliver an exceptional gaming experience, whilst keeping them at the forefront through constant product and technological innovations.

The sportsbook platform of BtoBet.
Ensure your sports betting brand provides a player-centric betting experience to your bettors.
Take control over your operations and differentiate yourself through highly flexible and adaptable technology.
Increase your player engagement through Jackpot betting.
Create and manage the Jackpot Game, giving the opportunity to your players to predict the outcome of each predefined event to win the jackpot prize.

Configure the Risk of your retail network according to your business structure, whether you are a Super-Agent or a single shop.

Super-Agent: Total freedom to customize just a part of the network, whether it is a single shop or a sub-agent branch without affecting the general configuration for the rest of your operations.

Easily set parameters to limit the risk and the offer according to evolving situations.

Take control of your affiliate management and affiliate marketing to grow your business.

BtoBet provides you with all the services to support your sportsbook operations.

  • Sportsbook content risk strategy
  • Retail risk management services
  • Jackpot betting services
  • Resulting, reporting, and analysis services
  • Sportsbook content odd and risk management in real time
  • Real time alerts
  • Marketing consultancy and assistance 24/7
  • Player risk management service

The lottery solution of BtoBet.
Diversify and give your gambling business an edge on the competition by integrating THE lottery vertical to your gaming portfolio. Increase your brand exposure through a localized cross-channel and cross-product solution.
Improve your acquisition and retention strategies through a suite of highly customizable games that have been uniquely designed with player engagement in mind.

Possibility of stand-alone lottery solutions.
Operators are given the possibility to create stand-alone lottery sites for those operators who wants to push the lottery vertical. Front-ends are totally customizable and optimized to lottery according to the specific needs, and requirements of the individual operators to maximize their brand differentiation.

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