Bulgaria. Parliament has approved a ban on gambling advertising

The Sofia Parliament voted today, during an extraordinary meeting and second reading, on the amendment to the gambling law. The ban on gambling advertising had been proposed last week da Temenuzka Petkova of the GERB and the Chairman of the Budget Committee Yordan Tsonev of the DPS.

The restriction will apply to radio and television programs, with the exception of the broadcast of the “Bulgarian Sports Totalizer” draws and their announcement, taking into account the fact that the lotto it distributes part of its profits to sport and culture, and does not dispose of them as it pleases.

The ban also covers public places, including building facades, printed works and electronic media, including Internet pages, owned by the state and municipality, with the exception of billboards. The law adopted today comes into force 3 days after its promulgation in the Official Journal.

The deputies therefore did not accept the opinions and observations of numerous media industry organizations and gambling operators, who recalled that the restriction of gambling advertising will lead to an increase in the activity of sites without license, and to a reduction in the State’s ability to collect taxes and fees from gambling activities and the protection of users. Sports federations have also spoken out against the changes, as they will lose sponsors and funding for the sport.

Bulgarian radio and television stations called for a discussion with the legislator, arguing that a total ban on gambling advertising is not the solution.

Source: jamma.tv

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