Burkina Faso Authorities Clampdown on Unconventional Slot machines

The Ministry of Finance and Economic as part of its goals and strategy through the implementation of the National Strategy to Combat the Proliferation and illegal Exploitation of Unconventional Slot Machines in collaboration with the General Department of Treasury and Public Accounting and the General Department of the National Police announced on June 09 at the Department of Treasury and Public Accounting, located in Ouaga 2000 Burkina Faso.

The primary objective of this strategy is to eradicate and protect people from the harmful effects of unconventional slot machines, which are, among others the juvenile delinquency, flights, banditry, conflicts, unfair competition, and revenue losses for the national budget. Even though, since the end of 2019, the ministries have carried out several initiatives and approaches to clamp down on this illegal slot machine in eleven regions (11). These include communication and awareness-raising actions among the people, regional and communal authorities, security forces on the existing regulations.

While eleven check-ups were carried out in 11 parts of the country, the head was able to seize 2,360 unconventional slot machines and withdrawn the license of an unauthorized company pending a better situation in the sector. The Ministry of Economy and Finance and Development has suspended the issuance of any new slot machine licensing. The legal body of the gaming industry is also replaying to take into account recent changes in the industry in terms of perspectives, DGTCP, and all the actors involved in implementing the strategy that will continue to intensify control. The training and awareness of the communal authorities involved in the issuing of operating authorizations.

Meanwhile, law 027/2008/AN on the regulation of games of chance in Burkina Faso is the main regulatory act of all gambling in the country. Besides this act, the ordinance No.67025/PRES/MFC of May 10, 1967, and the ordinance No.8443/CNR/PRES of August 02, 1984 regulating the functioning of the national lottery serves as primary legislation for the regulation of the work of the national lottery. They make legal the operation of land-based casinos, slot, bingo, sports betting, and lottery. As there are no specific online gambling laws in Burkina Faso, it generally considered that online gambling is not regulated. The body responsible for handling legal gambling in the country is an office within the Ministry of Economy and Finance. There are approximately nine casinos and some gambling halls in Burkina Faso, mainly in the capital city from slot machines, Poker games, Roulette such as Faso Loisirs, Le Grand Calao, Lucky, and Night Casino, among others.

The exclusive right to operate sports betting owned by the national lottery of Burkina Faso, LONAB there are famous for their horse race betting offers. Some of the games they currently provide include Pari-Mutuel Urbain, offered since 1990. The Direct Racing Spaces supplied on the market since 2007 football betting players enjoy varieties of offer the Toto soccer game, present on the market since 2001. Though all opportunities for sports betting are land-based, there are no online sports book sites in Burkina Faso, although there are plenty of foreign sites which target players from this country, such as 1xbet.

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