The E-play pool championship 3rd edition came to the end as Bwanika and Lukia shines bright with trophies and cash prizes as winners. The championship which lasted for two days was played in a different style than other last two champioships. The championship required a total of 64 players in men category and 16 players in ladies category with prizes upto last eight players and last four players men and women respectively.

A double life tournament was organised by E-play Africa at Amigoz pool Arena found in kansanga, kampala Uganda and a sponsorship of Buffalo slots and E-play Africa,the third edition was played in a double life way where players were given two slots that means a player was supposed to be beaten twice to completely be eliminated in the championship. It was a race to 5 from the beginning on both charts up to the quarter finals however this time round in case of a draw (4-4 ) the would be decisive flames was penalty kicks where many players proved there targets to score a straight long shot.

Bwanika Mansoor outsmarted other 63players with 2lives each to merge winner of the tournament after winning Kayanja Ibrahim convincingly, With enough persistence, training and hardworking led to Bwanika’s victory at the E-PLAY annual championship 2023 hence walking home with a trophy, Gold medal and cash prize of UGX 1500000, Congratulations to Bwanika Mansoor we wish to see him soon back to the winning ways like he used to.

In the ladies category Naiga Lukia merged winner in the ladies category which for the first time E-play championship separated ladies from men with 16 ladies also fighting for trophy, medals and cash prizes. It was all smiles for Naiga last weekend as she added another trophy to her Collection, Lukia’s compilation on discipline ,talent and hard work led to her victory we congratulate her for being the first winner of E-play tournament Ladies category.


Namuyanja Vicky aka VICKY SKILLS as always one of the top player in the Uganda pool sport fought only to become second in the ladies section in a final with Lukia however she silenced both Lukia and Rashidah in the semi finals of life 1 in penalties though second life managed only second position.

Kayanja Ibra aka Musilamu seed one Uganda who is also a player under the E-play Management as far as pool is concerned managed to take second position after a long drought of winning anything in pool for months. He bounces back with a bang defeating Sejjemba Ibrahim convincingly in the semi Finals. He was later granted his gift by his manager and also a representative from E-play Africa Mr Luyombya Fahad.

Seed one Uganda in the ladies section a one Mutesi Rashidah, Her face says it all as she only mananged 3rd overall position. What is kind obvious that she will bounce back stronger as the question still rise will she win the biggest tournament in Uganda (NATIONAL OPEN )this year its only question among the fans after loosing the last one to Nimusiima Ritah in the finals.

The wild card of the championship Kafuleka Ivan shocked fans after defeating one of the best pool players Ssejjemba Ibrahim in the 3rd place playoff. One is only left to wonder what Kafuleka has in store for his supporters in the near future. With special recognition we (E-PLAY AFRICA ) congratulate IVAN for a brilliant performance.

Sejemba Ibra doesn’t seem impressed by his overall position but Pool is Pool. He has to persist, train harder to regain his prowess in Uganda pool. He still stands as one of the favorites to win this year’s National Open Championship. (We can only wait)

In a special way we would like to recognise the following people who did all their best to make the tournament happen, SIMONPETER KYOBE, KALIBBALA ISMAIL, ROGERS, NAIGA LUKIA, SERO AND ALL PARTICIPANTS.

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