Caesars Entertainment reopening of Emerald Resort & Casino in South Africa

Caesars Entertainment published through its social networks that the Emerald Resort and Casino in South Africa has been able to reopen its doors, after the relaxation of the restrictions in that country.

Thus, the entertainment giant celebrates the first reopening of one of its casinos located in the EMEA area (Europe, the Middle East and Africa).

According to the Caesars Entertainment EMEA publication, the team at the Emerald Resort and Casino is highly prepared and ready to safely open the doors and begin welcoming the local community back to the resort.

However, other leisure facilities in the complex remain closed, the hotel is only open to business travelers. and sales of alcohol and cigarettes are strictly prohibited until new easing measures come into force.

Other measures include:

  • Casino capacity reduced by 50%.
  • All employees and guests required to wear masks.
  • Temperature screening at entry points.
  • Only Reward cardholders permitted to game and every second slot machine turned off.
  • Machines disinfected regularly.
  • Player occupancy limits implemented on tables.
  • The Caesars Entertainment EMEA marketing team stayed close to customers through social media during the confinement, and ensure that many guests are definitely excited to be able to return.

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