Can You Play Hollywoodbets Casino on Mobile?

It’s incredible to think about, but just over half a decade ago, most African players accessed the internet from cyber cafes or gaming establishments. The thought of playing from home or on a smartphone was absurd.

In 2022, cyber cafes have had to think of a different business model. Smartphones are the number 1 platform without question, with mobile penetration increasing year on year at record-breaking rates.

South Africa in particular has been a hub of innovation. The country has 24 million gamers, just over 40% of the population, which leads the continent. Perhaps an even more interesting stat: 95% of gamers are smartphone-only.

The casino industry has latched on to the growth train, with the country seeing some of the biggest steps in innovation on the continent. Hollywoodbets casino, with a track record spanning almost forty years, has always been on the front foot when it comes to software development. Is it keeping up with the rapid switch to mobile, however?

Possible Does Not Always Mean Good

Hollywoodbets is one of the big players in South Africa, operating in the country since 1999 (with its origin story in 1986!). It’s consistently ranked as one of the top operators by both players and critics alike. But in this fast-paced environment, history won’t always cut the mustard. Does the company work on your average smartphone?

Here’s the simple answer: yes, you can play Hollywoodbets casino on mobile. But (yes, there’s always a but!), the fact that mobile gaming is technically possible doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea for the player.

We’ve all had the experience of visiting a website on our smartphones and getting to the point of wanting to give up. It’s slow to load, the text is tiny, the graphics fuzzy, just an overall clunky experience. We’re used to a smooth experience these days, and smartphone compatibility is just as important as your traditional desktop/laptop (especially with mobile penetration expected to reach 67% in 2026).

Some casinos haven’t quite got the memo. We’re not going to name names, but there are plenty of so-called leading players that persist in offering a subpar experience on mobile. They claim otherwise, but you can’t contradict actual playing experience with claims.

Hollywoodbets, however, clearly has the right development and tech team in place. The gameplay is silky smooth, payment options work as advertised, and you’ll never get the urge to throw your smartphone through the wall.

Is Hollywoodbets worth it?

So, yes, Hollywoodbets works great on your smartphone. But does that mean it’s worth putting your money on their virtual tables? For South African players, in particular, it’s easily one of the best on the market.

The emphasis on the local market means that it’s easy to find the most popular sports in the country, including rugby and horse racing. The in-play markets are particularly relevant, whereas some international casinos don’t quite offer a full spread as they focus on other sports. This massively enhances the experience for your average South African bettor.

Hollywoodbets tick all of the boxes. Their welcome bonuses are some of the most generous you’ll find, giving you that little bump when you’re first starting out. If you play it right, you can make some serious money just through the bonuses. And if not, it’s fun to play for free!

Veteran players have a pet peeve: terrible promos for existing players. They get the start-up bonus, sure, but then the offers dry up. Hollywoodbets, however, takes care of its customers and runs regular offers for all players.

It’s not all good news, however. The downside of Hollywoodbets is that it doesn’t offer casino games. At least, not in-house. Instead, the company has a few official partners where you can get your roulette or slot machine fix.

Hollywoodbets has made an evaluated decision to focus on its bread and butter. It does sports incredibly well, and doesn’t dilute its service and spread itself too thin by also offering casino games. For the sports enthusiast, this is good news. It means you get a catered experience, along with high-quality sports betting without compromise.

Is Hollywoodbets Legit?

And if you’re worried about legitimacy and whether your cash is safe, don’t. Hollywoodbets is monitored by one of the most stringent gambling authorities on the market, the British Gambling Commission (just check the official listing). If the company does anything that doesn’t pass the sniff test, that license will be revoked before the next bet can be placed.

So yes, the company is legit. The bonuses are solid. If you want to ditch your laptop and just play mobile, no sweat. The experience is smooth as butter.

What’s Next?

Of course, Hollywoodbets needs to continually develop just to stand still. With the mobile gaming market expected to grow at over 12% annually, the interest from new investments will put pressure on existing providers.

Watch this space, in any case. South Africa is not only one of the leading movers in the market on the African continent, but expect the country to make waves internationally as well. With providers like Hollywoodbets, South Africa already has plenty to box up against established companies like William Hill or Ladbrokes.

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