Casino business in Tanzania to pick up

The country’s commercial capital, Dar es Salaam, as reopening the entire economy after the government gave the directives to revive all essential sectors of the country’s economy, especially the tourism industry. After, which there have witnessed a significant reduction in coronavirus cases.

The Tanzania economy that has been on two months lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, after the directives of the government, over the past few weeks we have seen tourists industry returning to normal. Whereas, the country now allows for an international flight land in the country industrial city Der es Salaam. While also they are the first East African nation to fully reopen the economy, definitely Tanzania government as shown others how to manage the virus. They are recharting a new path in the management of the deadly virus that has infected more than 5.1 million people across the globe while it has killed over 333,000 in about six months. In contrast, the Tanzania airspace has opened up for international arrivals which entrants into the country will now only have their temperatures checked on arrival, as per new guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

Therefore the casino gambling business is a lucrative and booming in Tanzania which the country rated as one of the top casino markets in Africa. The country is home to 50 million citizens; merely the tourist’s visitors play an essential role in the casino business in the state in which a local news agency reported in 2019 that 55% of its customers come from foreign visitors. The service industry of the country in which tourism is a critical sector of Tanzania’s economy, contributing about 17 per cent to the annual Gross Domestic Product and employing an estimated 623,000 workers. About 1.9 million tourists visited the country’s parks, beaches, casino spot last year, injecting $USD2.5 billion into the economy according to data from the Ministry of Natural Resources. However, besides, the tourism at the start of 2020 Africa’s tourism industry was predicted to grow according to the United World Tourism Organization UNWTO, which estimated a 3 to 5% increase in international arrival to the continent as a result of demand for air travel.

Besides the ease of lockdown, Tanzania, boost over ten land-based casinos outlets with most of which located in the commercial capital of the country. In contrast, casino licenses are not only issued to venues where casinos type games are available. The authority also issues permits to smaller shops, hotels and such to operate gaming machines, like video poker game and slots in the country. Online casino gambling is also an exciting gambling market in the country that is continuously growing with impressive growth in the last couple of years. At the same time, with the ever-improving conditions both in terms of popularity and the legal system, especially in recent time when there are limited real-life sports available. Indeed the future truly looks bright for both land-based and online casino gambling in this country perhaps the growth for both physical and online can be seen with a reported 25% growth for casino gambling transactions in 2019 only.

Well, looking at the overall casino gambling markets in Tanzania and the significant effect of the covid-19 pandemic outbreak that has upended the global gaming ecosystem, this is a welcome development to casino operators in Tanzania after the new directives from the government to open all sectors of the country’s economy.

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