Casino games that are not as popular as they ought in Africa

Gambling on casino games has been present in Africa. Most casino games are uncommon in most countries, with only a few dominating. For instance, slots, Bingo, and Poker are popular among African punters. Casino gambling for a long time got perceived as a luxury only tourists could afford.

Civilians, therefore, lacked exposure to these games. Besides, some of these casino games have complex rules, sophisticated dress codes, and codes of conduct that Africans may find ridiculous. For these reasons, while playing the games is entertaining, they have remained unexplored.

Below is a list of fun-filled casino games that are less popular.


Craps is one of the easy-to-play casino games for everyone, whether a novice or an experienced gambler. The game is a dice game, and winning depends on pure luck. Most online players avoid this rather entertaining game because of some of the rules they deem complicated. As long as you can learn some terminologies casinos use like lay odds, comeout roll, odds bets, snake eyes, and wagering on the passline, you are good to go.

When playing craps, you -the shooter- roll two dices, and people wager on the outcome. There are several types of bets one can place, which we will discuss in detail in our next article. The rules are simple, and once you get used to following them, you wouldn’t even notice they exist. It will become a routine for as long as you are wagering on the game.


Keno is a form of lottery game where you pick 20 numbers between 1 and 80. The dealer then collects a set of 20 digits, and if you match 9 or 10, you win. By now, you can tell the game need no skills as it’s a game of luck. You can opt to play for huge jackpots or fewer payouts. Wagering on jackpots on the flip side has a low possibility of winning, but playing low payout keno can get you some cash with every round. If you are a social person, live keno is the best option for you. You meet new friends or take your homies to a lounge full of people. If you love playing online, you will enjoy playing from the best online casinos and maybe, have a change from your usual slot machines. You don’t need any skill to pick numbers. Besides, you could choose to use the same tickets for all rounds or get new ones each time you play.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a dice game you need no skill to play. The game involves the dealer shaking the dice inside a chest. The dealer can shake the dice for as long as he feels ready to reveal the outcome. To win, you ought to predict the outcome of the dice correctly. You combine the number of each die to get the value. The game is almost similar to craps, but with an extra die.


Baccarat is a card game every punter should play for real money. The game is easy to play and has a relatively low house edge compared to most casino games. Punters place bets on either the bank or the player hand that ends up with cards with a total value of 9 or closest to nine. You bet on the player, the bank, or in the event of a tie. Punters who wager on the player get twice their stake. Those who bet on the bank win a payout of 95% of their stake. In case the total value of cards is ten and above, you drop the first digit and use the second one as your true value.


Blackjack is one of the easiest-to-play card games all over the world. Every player gets dealt with cards face up. The dealer also picks two, one face up and the other facing down. The idea is to have the highest value close to 21 and higher than the dealer. If your value goes beyond 21, you lose the game. Always decide on whether to hit or stand depending on your current value at hand. You stand if getting dealt another card puts you at the risk of going bust. You hit if adding another card increases your chance of getting a better hand than the dealer.

Final thought

There are numerous casino games present in African casinos, and probably more fun than the traditional games punters in the region got used to playing. The good news is that you never have to gamble on your hard-earned money betting on a game you know nothing about. Top and reputable online casinos offer free games you can try as long as you need to feel comfortable playing for real money.

Top online casinos in Africa like 22 Bet, Betway, 888 Casino, to mention just a few, have incredible offers on most of these games. If you feel more confident, why don’t you try them out?

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