Casino Industry in Ghana Compared to South Africa

Africans are known for their passion for casino games, and South Africa and Ghana are among the most liberal countries on the continent when it comes to gambling laws. Thanks to that, the players in both countries get to enjoy hassle-free gaming options, while the governments use the industry as a significant source of tax revenue.

Since the two countries are both home to well-developed casino industries, let’s see how they compare to each other:

Laws and Regulations

In Ghana, gambling is entirely legal, and all forms are regulated by the Ghana Gaming Commission (GGC), except the lottery which is governed by the National Lottery Authority. Back in 1960, the government introduced the Lotteries Betting Act as soon as they realized how stimulative the industry can be for the country’s economic growth. Soon after, the officials passed the Gambling Machine Act in 1973 which made Ghana known as the perfect place for business among casino operators.

When it comes to South Africa, all types of gambling except horse racing were illegal until 1996 when the officials recognized the need to regulate the industry and start monetizing it. Therefore, the National Gambling Act was passed in 1996, turning gambling into a legal practice. And in 2004, it was followed by the incorporation of the National Gambling Policy Council into the act.

Market Size

The number of gamblers on the African continent has grown from 77 million in 2015 to 186 million in 2021, and the growth was largely driven by the two countries.

South Africa, for instance, reached a total of $290 million in gambling revenue in 2021 solely. On top of that, South Africa is the leader on the continent when it comes to the development of high-tech online gaming solutions. In fact, the hottest sector in the country’s gambling industry is the online casinos, which are adored by the players for their incredible convenience and a variety of perks that come for South African players like free casino bonuses and other generous rewards.

Ghana, on the other hand, has a strong gambling industry that amassed $42 million in 2021 only. In addition to that, around 45% of the country’s adult population has participated in gambling at some point. At this point, there are six casino resorts in the capital city, with Victoria Casino being the most luxurious one.

The Most Popular Games

Thanks to the young population of South Africa, the locals are largely interested in the online gambling sphere, and the most popular categories are sports betting, casino betting, and bingo. Also, there is an incredibly high demand for the lottery among the locals, and 96% of them engage in it regularly. When it comes to standard games, 25% of punters regularly play slots and cards. Moreover, when it comes to sports betting, the locals are mostly interested in soccer, rugby, horse racing, and cricket. However, a large chunk of the industry’s revenue still comes from tourism which is supported by a large number of luxury casino resorts in the country.

When it comes to Ghana, the locals are particularly passionate about sports betting, and the most popular categories among the locals are football, basketball, tennis, hockey, cricket, golf, and rugby. Having that in mind, it is logical that the locals commonly wager both in physical sportsbooks and through online bookies. Moreover, Ghanaians are also crazy about the lottery, and luckily for them, the gaming associations often organize weekly national draws with amazing prizes. And finally, the locals are getting more and more interested in online gaming where they can access all the standard casino games like slots, poker, roulette, and others.

The Rise of Online Casinos

Thanks to the demographic and higher technological coverage of South Africa and Ghana, more and more locals are getting involved with online casino gaming. However, the demand for web-based gambling has been supported largely by the increased mobile penetration across the continent. This means that nowadays, more individuals than ever can get affordable smartphones that can be used for all kinds of entertainment, including wagering. Also, the area has experienced a serious improvement regarding the quality and the availability of stable internet connections, which is another big factor.

Having all of that in mind and knowing that Ghana and South Africa are quite lenient when it comes to gambling regulations, it is no wonder that the two countries support the operation of a large number of online providers on their territories.

Different types of gambling have been thriving in Africa for a long time, and countries like South Africa and Ghana have been taking the lead. Both countries are home to many passionate gambling enthusiasts, and the fact that they have proper regulations for the industry has also helped its development, making it easier for the locals to access their favorite games, both online and offline.


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