Casino Tourism in African countries

Have you ever wondered whether casinos and tourism are in some way related let’s find out together? In this article, we will try to elaborate on the relationship between the gambling industry in Africa and the tourism sector. We all know that Africa is the home to cultural diversity, flora, and fauna. These are the major attractions in Africa.

Casinos and tourist attractions seem to be complementary industries. Each of these industries is great on its own and in some way, either of the industries seems to attract more customers for the other. Punters visiting a casino majorly for gaming purposes end up using or visiting other facilities within the vicinity. Tourists traveling for leisure seeking accommodation in major resorts spend significant time in casinos in the evening. This is because most of the sites such as beaches and game parks are normally close in the evening.

Additionally, sport tourists visiting for tournaments are hosted in resorts as tourists and are directly involved in major sporting events that are available for gamblers to place their bets. It is hard to tear apart these two sectors. In a very significant way, the two industries have had major impacts on the improvement of economies in the African continent.

Both domestic and international tourists play a major role in the gambling sectors in Africa. Some of the world-class casinos in Africa heavily rely on the tourists who visit various attractions as their customers. Gambling is usually an activity tourists partake in the evening after a busy day. This could be the reason most casinos are located within resorts and hotels where tourists lodge during their vacations.

Below is a list of casinos located near major tourist attractions in Africa.

Wild Coast Casino, South Africa

Owned by the Sun International is this casino located in Port Edward. This casino offers a variety of casino games such as roulette, poker, and blackjack within its world-class facilities. The casino is within a tourist resort and serves as a destination for most tourists visiting the island who seek accommodation from the resort and hotel. Other complimentary facilities include lounges, restaurants, a country club, and a water park.

Montecasino, South Africa

This casino is centrally located in the capital city Johannesburg. This means that the casino is very close to the international airport in the city. This strategic location of the casino places the casino at an advantageous location for tourists arriving in the city and seeking accommodation.The casino boasts of close to 1900 slot machines and 70 tables for table games. The most outstanding feature of this casino is the Italian theme that gives visitors the feel of the Italian culture very far from home. Besides enjoying poker, slots with progressive jackpots, and craps, you get to enjoy hospitality from luxurious restaurants, a spa, and a health center.

Federal Palace Casino, Nigeria

This casino as the name suggests is a one of kind gaming destination located in Victoria Island. The view alone is a reason to visit this destination let alone playing the casino games offered in the gaming complex. The casino and hotel are strategically located centrally from the Lagos national museum, the lekki market, and the Mega plaza 21 century Mall.

Golden Key Casino, Kenya

This Golden Key casino and resort is one of the most elegant casinos in Kenya. If you are a traveler and a lover of nature, this is the place to be. This casino is a cocktail of everything any tourist would wish to experience. You get to play your casino games, enjoy delicious meals and drinks while enjoying the Indian Ocean’s spectacular view. Casino games such as Blackjack, Three card poker, Caribbean stud poker and roulette are amongst the table games you can play in this casino. The fun is endless from world-class gaming facilities to one of a kind exotic gardens.

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