Casinos Set to Reopen In South Africa. Find Out When

Finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. After 3 months of lockdown, like many countries, South Africa, has started to lift the lockdown. Most activities are now beginning to resume.

Businesses are resuming under strict regulations and supervision by the health ministries to ensure that they follow the stipulated guidelines by the WHO to the latter. These guidelines have been put in place to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus and to protect the citizens.

Casinos and the Gambling sectors have been affected partially by the pandemic. This is because most online gambling activities have been in business as usual. Also, gamblers can access these activities from the confines of their homes.

Casino owners are hoping to resume business by July 1st. This is after the government allowed church congregations to resume but with only 50 congregants or less. Also, the government through Lee Zama, the CEO of the Federated Association of Hospitality, announced the re-opening of the tourism sector and other related sectors which include gambling. The lifting of the business restrictions and the lockdown is taking place in phases to ensure that the correct measures are properly put in place. Places that receive many customers such as eateries, restaurants, casinos, and theatres are expected to follow the following guidelines before resuming and after resuming business.

Guidelines for resuming business

1. All people should maintain a social distance of more than 1.5 meters
2. Items such as menus should be sanitized after every single use, or disposed.
3. Food and drinks should be served in disposable packages and cutlery to be provided in paper sleeves.
4. All visitors visiting the casinos are to fill a medical questionnaire and have their temperatures checked regularly.
5. The casino attendants and dealers are also to have their temperature checked regularly.
6. All surfaces are to be disinfected after every use. For instance, after every customer leaves the table, the hotel/restaurant/casino attendants are to disinfect or sanitize the table.
7. Spaces like poker rooms are to hold half the usual capacities to prevent crowding and to ensure the 1.5m distancing rule is adhered to.
8. All workers and visitors must wear masks.

Casinos that have confirmed reopening and open currently include

1. The GrandWest Casino confirmed that they are already implementing their measures to combat the pandemic. The management of the casino and the group of restaurants has published guidelines to be followed by their workers and tenants in the hotels.
2. Carnival City Casino
3. Golden Valley Casino
4. Garden Route Casino
5. Sibaya Casino
6. Emperors Palace

If you are in Cape Town and wondering where you could spend some quality time gambling, the above-mentioned places could serve your desires just right. The only difference now is that you will need to go through an unusual procedure when visiting. This is, however, meant for your good. Remember your health comes first.

There are a variety of activities you can engage in while at the Casino. These are, however, specific to the casino you choose to visit. Slots, table games, poker, and lotteries are available. Also, virtual games are available from online casinos. These are of great importance for you who may choose to stay at home and gamble while waiting for the storm to calm. Now that you know casinos are open and reopening, it is advisable to review the list of casinos before visiting. This will help you know if the casino is offering the activities you are looking for and their timelines. Besides the new regulation put in place to combat the pandemic, the rest is business as usual. Happy gambling!

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