Commission DG inspects lottery facility ahead national games

The DG was welcomed by the Managing Director of the NLN, Layi Onafowokan, who took him on a tour of their facilities, including their state-of-the-art digital lottery systems, security measures, and customer service operations.

Gbajabiamila while speaking expressed his satisfaction with the progress made in the preparation of the facilities, and urged the staff to stay focused on the task ahead. He stated that the NLRC would continue to work with the National Lottery Nigeria to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality and integrity.

According to him, the NLRC is confident that the National Lottery Nigeria would be an important contributor to economic growth and development in Nigeria. Therefore, the NLRC is committed to ensuring that the National game is well-regulated and meets international standards. He stressed that they looked forward to the successful launch of the National Game.

Gbajabiamila said:

“It was a privilege to visit National Lottery Nigeria today. The company’s commitment to responsible gaming, ethical operations, and transparency is commendable and serves as a model for the lottery industry. I appreciate the efforts of National Lottery Nigeria in contributing to the nation’s revenue, and I look forward to working together to ensure that the lottery industry continues to thrive and serve Nigeria.”

He also held a discussion with the management team and praised their contributions and commitment to creating jobs and economic opportunities in the community. Onafowokan expressed commitment of the NLN to the success of the national game. He also expressed their appreciation to the NLRC for the support and guidance that had been provided to them.

He said:

“We will also like to assure you that what we are doing today will be to the economic benefit of Nigerians in general. We guarantee you that the games we have lined up will change the lives of people and we are going to be ensuring responsible gaming. Additionally, we will be supporting various initiatives in the areas of sports, education and health. These are paramount to the Nigerian populace and we are going to be supporting these causes. Once again, we appreciate you for this courtesy visit. Please be rest assured that the National Lottery Nigeria is set to launch the National Games in a very short time.”

Onafowokan added:

“We are honoured to have Gbajabiamila visiting us today. This visit demonstrates the importance that the government places on the lottery industry and its impact on the local economy. We are proud of our company’s commitment to responsible gaming, ethical operations, and transparency, and we are confident that this visit will further strengthen our relationship with the government.”

“The National Lottery Nigeria (National Game) was designed as a social intervention tool that will directly and positively affect the lives of Nigerians by giving them the opportunity to win mouthwatering prizes. The company also aims to start a “Good Causes” Foundation that supports sports, youths, education, health provision, assistance at times of grief, and much more.”


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