Commonly Played Roulette Variations and Bets in African Casinos

Roulette is one of the most played table games in both online and land-based casinos in the African continent. Other continents like America and Europe have their native versions and Africa is no exception as we now have an African variation for its roulette players.

In this article, we will be discussing the versions you can find in African Casinos and give you all the juice about the African Roulette, which is not very popular but making a really good name for its self.

There are more than 5 roulette variations available for African punters, both classics and modern ones. There are numerous classifications for Roulette games under which you can find your favorite game such as live or RNG games, and Progressive or Non-progressive games. Depending on the settings of each game available.

Here are the most common roulette variations common in African Land-based and online casinos:

The European Roulette wheel is divided into 37 black and red pockets. The variation has a single zero and is one of the most popular due to its greater earning chances for punters. One can place either individual bets or bet as a group, and the kinds of bets available for this game are either outside or inside bets. Inside bets include groups with small numbers while outside bets involve large number groups. To win you need to place your wager on a number that you predict the ball will fall on when the wheel stops rotating.

The French Roulette game has a table similar to that of the European Roulette with 37 sections and a single zero section colored green. Number 1 to 36 are labeled on the wheel’s sections colored either black or red.

The American Roulette game is a bit different from the others as it comprises of 38 numbers, 1-36, a zero (0), and a double zero (00). The rules remain the same regardless of the variation and gameplay is similar to that of other variations.

African Roulette is a quite unpopular yet very entertaining game. The table has only 13 slots for betting and this makes it much easier to win and play. The variant also has higher chances of winning and multiple bets for punters to wager on. Some of the beets available include Bet on the third, straight bet, Red/Black sector, Second/First half.

Live RouletteLive
Roulette is also available in most African online casinos. The main advantage of playing live roulette is that you get to interact with casino dealers live from the comfort of your home. In a time when playing online is the only option live Roulette is the ultimate solution to all your gambling needs. It feels like you were playing from a real land-based casino.

3D Roulette
The 3 dimensions roulette table is much more fun and appealing to at and get convinced about its superiority over its 2-dimensional counterpart. The 3d table and ball look more real and punters enjoy the feeling of playing on a real-life casino when playing 3D Roulette online. Even better, the table comes with features that enable you to change some settings like the color and the layout. The rules are, however, quite similar to those of other roulette variations.

As the name suggests, a mini Roulette game comprises of a smaller table and the number pockets reduce from 36 to 12 numbers. The general outlook is similar with alternating black and red spaces and a green space for the zero. Another striking difference is the lower odds of punters getting a bet on single numbers as a result of the reduced number slots, which are only 13. Most online casinos offer the Mini Roulette variation alongside the rule of La Partage that gives punters the advantage of having half of their stake back if they lose, which is exceptional.

The above variants offer different bets, and punters need to use different strategies depending on the variation they choose to play. The rules are similar across the board and simple for novice players to understand.

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