Congolese Women Entail in Betting and Casino to Survive

In the Republic of the Congo, women are venturing into sports betting and casino gambling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic’s impact, which has impaired the country’s economy. These are the case reported by a local media agency that businesswomen in Pointe-Noire, the central African nation’s commercial city.

That many local businesses have gone on bankrupt, meaning many local businesswomen can’t return to business amid the effect of the pandemic crisis of which many rely on daily income to survive. However, the authorities’ strict measures and lockdown have had a devastating impact on their business. Though, the authorities have nothing sort of a relief package on the ground for these businesswomen.

According to one of the women in the commercial city, Geordine Bikindou says:

“Having gone bankrupt in trading bananas and have no other options, thanks to a friend’s advice, and it’s going well. I thought I could do something else, and I have a sister who plays sports betting and goes to casino outlets advised me to play as well, and the first time I played, I won an 89 Euro ticket, and since that day, I’ve had a knack for it”.

The single mother of one, Geordie, an unemployed pharmacy graduate, has the ambition to operate her pharmacy. Charlene Matongo, another bettor, has also succeeded in relaunching her business after the related lockdown in the Republic of Congo. The lady had placed a bet on the first day for just 0.92 cents. Still, today, her situation is better than before.

“This game helps me a lot these times of pandemic despite the difficult situation I had taken the risk of betting 0.92 cents, and I had won 230 euros. This money enabled me to advance my work and to make some provisions” – Charlene said.

However, as it is often in Africa men dominated society where men dominate sports betting and casino gambling, women here have to deal with preconceived ideas, and to some extent, ridicule.

“I am not ashamed of what I do; on the contrary, I am proud to play among men, and I encourage other women to do so” – she added.

According to further research, the report from Pointe Noire noted that sports betting and casino gambling have taken center stage during this time of health crisis and have become a real activity for all social classes. Even though some women take responsibility for themselves, others prefer to bet in secret away from prejudices. While the recent survey backed the report, women currently make up 15% of the Congo’s registered bettors.

Interestingly sports betting and casino gambling in Congo is experiencing growth considerably compared to other notable gambling markets in Africa. However, it’s an exciting development to the Africa gambling industry to see women taking up sports betting as an alternative to mitigate the effect of coronavirus that has been dominated for years by men and has rendered many jobless.

Hence considering, the government does not support these petty businesswomen in the Congo city. This development is a wake-up call for other African countries and not just in the gaming industry but also in encouraging women’s equality in different sectors of Africa’s economy.

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