Countries in Africa Where Online Casinos are Allowed

Aside from its sprawling African safari, several African countries are popular as gambling destinations. Gambling and gaming have been part of Africa’s rich culture so it is difficult to keep this away from the people.

South Africa itself is home to the greatest number of casinos in Africa, currently at 40 casinos. It also boasts of the biggest casino – the GrandWest Casino & Entertainment World. Players can choose from its 79 gaming tables, as well as its more than 2,500 various games and poker video games.

Online casino gaming is a relatively new concept to Africa considering that several of its countries have just recently opened their doors to legal gambling and betting due to years of restrictions.

Experts say the poverty the has affected most of Africa has made it difficult to freely allow gambling to prosper. This is understandable considering that an impoverished country should not waste money on gambling.

Africa’s laws on gambling has been categorized into three types:

  • Total Ban: Countries subjected to a total ban do not allow any form or type of gambling, and this includes online casino gaming.
  • Lacks Regulation: Some countries do not have laws on gambling, and therefore, anyone who wants to engage in it does not get penalized. Namibia, Zambia, and Ghana are three of the countries in this category. The lack of regulation also opened these countries to freely engage in online casino gaming, and it continues to thrive.
  • Legalized Gambling: Some African countries have crafted laws on gambling. This is in line with recent economic improvements that have given rise to views that legal gambling could help boost Africa’s economy. They have opened their countries to tourists who love casino gaming. Countries like South Africa has legalized gambling.

Speaking of legal gambling, here are the five countries in Africa where you can legally engage in gambling and casino gaming.

South Africa: A strict restriction on gambling in this country was imposed in 1673, and this was in effect for several decades. But in 1996, a law on gambling called the National Gambling Act was approved and put into effect. Numerous businesses were issued licenses to operate a casino. The Act also created a centralized lottery system for the country.

Despite the ban on establishing online casinos within South Africa, international online casinos were able to penetrate the market, and the industry continues to thrive and grow.

South Africans have been in constant search for trustworthy online casino sites. Finding them is not a problem with the help of Casino Lista and Casinos Lijst that offer hundreds of reliable online casinos on their site.

Uganda: The Ugandan government allows online gambling that are governed by the National Gaming Board of Uganda. The Board is the body tasked to issue gaming licenses to game operators, and also closely monitors each one. Uganda also has a higher age requirement for those who want to engage in online gaming which is 25, as compared to other countries that allow those who are 18 years and older.

Morocco, Botswana, and Kenya: These countries are the most unrestricted countries when it comes to land-based casinos and online casinos.

Despite Muslim laws against gambling, Morocco does not have any gambling restrictions in place, and it is open to both traditional and online casinos.

The government of Kenya also legalized gambling in 1996, and this gave rise to multiple game houses that are operating these days. Kenyans are also able to freely access online casinos, and play whenever they like without worrying about possible sanctions.


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