COVID-19 – bookmakers should prepare for the worst

As global cases of the virus have passed 80,000, a new report Africa could be badly hit; in the coming weeks ahead while Africa was among the last continent to report cases of the virus.

Therefore, the virus begins to spread throughout the continent; 33 countries have reported at least an example of the disease. According to UN health agency said so far, there have been 633 confirmed Covid-19 cases in 33 African countries leading to 17 deaths.

Meanwhile, in the past 24 hours, the Gambia, Mauritius and Zambia have announced first cases. The coronavirus cases in Africa remained low compared to other continents, Egypt still tops the chart of countries with the most cases in Africa with 210 cases, and this is followed by South Africa with 116 and Algeria with 75 confirmed cases.

In Nigeria, the number of confirmed cases has increased to twelve. Meanwhile, some African countries have band public gathering and restrictions of movement in the continent. In contrast, countries like Ghana, South Africa, and Nigeria could consider shutdown its economy in the coming weeks as there have band mosque, churches and schools. However, in the coming weeks, it could be extended to business.

Perhaps, in the previous week despite the suspension of significant sporting leagues across European countries. Still, bookmakers in Africa reported gambling sales as shops owners were still in business in which punters has no other option to consolidate to virtual football betting, zoom soccer, dog race, among others. It’s could change and become worse that’s it could result in the lockdown of business, particularly the sports betting shop owners.

As it is often seen in Africa land-based betting is still the most popular where you will often see quite a several young adults gather to stake bet all could change in a few weeks time operators prepare for the worst.

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