Covid-19 triggering deep digital change in Gaming Industry

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the global economy. This crisis has become the single most significant catalyst for a digital transformation in the gambling sector, especially Africa.

For B2B organizers, B2C business owners such as the operators not just in the continent, digitizing has moved from a good to have a survival gamechanger in what has become the new norm. For the past four months and a half, the world has been flung into digitizationunusual as businesses seek to stay above water and ensure continuity post-crisis. One sector that has experienced rapid change is the gaming ecosystem, where the B2B event organization is going digital with its services compared to the traditional face-to-face events hampered by the pandemic crisis. For instance, over the past months, the industry event organizers have been organizing an online show for industry stakeholders.

They also have the opportunity to network and seek partnerships among industry co-workers for the sustainability of the industry.

In contrast, the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the gaming calendar. However, we have also seen the rapid changes in players’ behavior and diverse demands from players during sports suspension and lockdown, particularly in Africa. Whereby people spend more time on the internet during the lockdown, for that portion of players who are kin to find products to keep them engaged. The gambling operators have no other options than to reinvent their business model to enable the delivery of their products and services—consequently offering new gaming products such as the eSport games, simulated virtual leagues during the lockdown. No, doubt the overall gaming ecosystem calendar as been affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen event organizers offering online services; most of the sportsbook operators have seen a sharp decline in revenue for most of the year due to the crisis.

Still, many are innovating their services to meet customers’ demands, which spend more time online than the usual self. Perhaps, to be frank, the gambling industry has never been this affected despite the pandemic; the positive side shouldn’t be neglected. We’ve experienced profound digital change, especially the series of virtual events we have experienced over the months. There has been a surge in online gambling for emerging markets like Africa that on a norm retail is the preferred choice for most customers, although the crisis as triggered digital change and Africa gaming ecosystem is one of the regions that have benefited from the pandemic.

In contrast, in recent month’s different event organizers, stakeholders, investors are very much kin more than ever to invest in the region.

These translate to the numerous windows of job opportunities the industry we provide to the unemployed African youths. Substantial revenue for government through tax-generating, among other things overall, the pandemic creates a negative atmosphere, but the long term benefits are evident. Simultaneously it also shows the sector could innovate in the future.

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