COVID19 Six Positive Case reported Mauritius Casinos

Since October 1 that Mauritius Casino was allowed to welcome vaccinated customers to the gaming outlets; six reported they had identified positive cases for Covid-19 in Anguish in three casinos across the country.

The three cases at the Grand Casino du Domaine, two cases at Curepipe, and one case at Caudan were during the week. The last recorded case dates back to Tuesday. These contaminated people are, in fact, casino employees. According to the information gathered, the latter have tested positive.

Moreover, they presented symptoms of Covid-19. Therefore, immediately they were asked to self-isolate at home, and the casinos where the infected employees worked had to be immediately disinfected. At the management level of Casinos de Maurice, it is understood that the four casinos across the country (Grand-Baie, Caudan, Grand Casino du Domaine located at Domaine Les Pailles and Curepipe) are operational. In addition, the Mauritius casino management specifies that health protocols are scrupulously enforced, both at the level of staff and the group of customers. At the same time, positive employees, it is pointed out, would have been infected at home.

“All the casinos have been disinfected; we make sure that the wearing of mask is compulsory. As well as the use of hand sanitizers in every casinos across the country.”

This was declared by the management of casinos in Mauritius. Meanwhile, as of Friday, October 1, 2021, land-based casinos outlets, gaming houses, theatres, bars, among others, were authorized to operate under strict conditions. The government has also decided to ease restrictions on gathering and beach picnics. Tourism is another sector the authorities have allowed to resume operation so far.

Tourists entering the present country certificate of vaccinating will not need quarantine though nightclubs will remain closed, and horse races will still take place behind closed doors. The strict conditions will show that those visiting the casinos and gaming places have to present vaccination cards before entering the venues. Despite the restrictions, they are reports Covid-19 case from some of the employees working in Mauritius casinos.

However, Mauritius casinos’ gaming and management would be optimistic about the recent information of the virus spread among its employees. So the authorities do not introduce stricter rules for customers visiting the casino and gaming houses in the country.

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