Crypto gambling business gaining popularity in Kenya

Africa maybe lagging behind in a number of metrics compared to the West and other parts of the world, but technology is helping it make huge steps ahead both in investing and social life. In Kenya, for instance, improved technology has spurred growth in online gambling into one of the most common investment activity.

According to figures, the industry is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12% between 2020 and 2025. Online crypto gambling is just one of the sub-sectors within the industry to experience a huge boom in numbers and participation, with the platform having a growing number of users in Kenya.

Convenience is a huge factor

There are a number of reasons why website offering crypto gambling has grown popular in in Kenya in recent years, with convenience being a strong motivator. Indeed, the convenience makes things a whole lot easier for everyone and with more innovation, it is only going to be a matter of time before these services become even more popular.

An online crypto casino can now essentially be accessed whenever and wherever, provided bettors have an internet facility available on their phone or tablet that is capable of hosting the games desired to play. Furthermore, convenience can play a role in helping bettors to save time, which is welcome in a world with hectic lives.

There is no need to be present in a physical establishment anymore, whilst dressing up will no longer be required either. Bettors are able to play on public transport when they commute to and from work, thus killing boredom with entertainment or finding the time that they may not have when they are at home and with family.

Technology has become more accessible

As mentioned, with technology becoming more and more accessible, Kenyans are able to get their hands on devices that will allow them to wager online easier than ever before, whilst these devices do not cost what they once did, or at least, there are many other alternatives available on the market than there once was.

The use of a smartphone will also have a benefit in regards to the payment methods that are applied, as users have more options available to them, whilst cryptocurrency has also experienced a boom because of the benefits the various coins provide compared to traditional fiat finance.

With crypto decentralised, there are fewer regulatory requirements involved, which means Kenyans can look to place bets without having to go through a financial institution that will likely check each of the transactions that are made. In addition, the decentralisation aspect will also mean transactions are more secure, quicker and efficient, thus providing a benefit to holders as well as the online crypto platform.


There is no doubt that online gambling is growing within Africa at a rapid rate and Kenya is just one of those countries that are contributing. The increase in smartphones and accessible technology is just one of the many reasons why online crypto gambling firms are emerging and why it has become incredibly popular.


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