Dal Negro – an Italian company specializing in the production of cards and games

Dal Negro is an Italian company that produces playing cards, tarot cards, divination cards, chess, backgammon, roulette wheels, and toys for children.

In 1756 at Treviso in Northern Italy a playing cards factory is established of Austrian origin, then acquired by the Dal Negro family in 1928. It is in these years that the business developed both nationally and internationally thanks to the commitment of Teodomiro Dal Negro and his children, Ivone and Leonida.

Sociability, fun, the pleasure of playing and learning together and sharing moments of joy with family and friends through games. A genuine passion, handed down from generation to generation, bringing both young people and adults together as well as grandparents and children alike. Dal Negro is all of this: two centuries of history dedicated to playing cards, traditional games in wood and now, also a wide selection of games and toys for people of all ages.

A company with a strong past now looks to the future. Technological research, evolution in the production processes, building up exclusive partnerships, continuous attention to raw materials together with the quality expected of any product bearing the words: Made in Italy. A perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

From playing cards to the world of games

Cases and boxes crafted in wood for roulette, drafts, chess and other board games. In the 60s and 70s Dal Negro begins to diversify production and ride the boom in personalized cards, crafting innumerable packs for companies around the world, such as for Jaguar, Agfa, Philips, Continental, Algida and Venice Casino.

Expansion and acquisitions

In 1995 Francesco Dal Negro becomes the new Chairman of the Board of Directors and after a few years the company moves from their historic factory in Via Fratelli Bandiera to modern premises in Carbonera, more suited to the continuously evolving business. In 2003 and 2004 the growth of the company helps bring about the takeover of two major brands: Masenghini, a well-established factory of playing cards at Bergamo, founded in 1878 and NTP (New Techniques of Plasticizers), specialized in the production of plastic playing cards for Casinos.

Facts and figures and the company today

With 16,000 square meters of production area and offices, 57 employees, 32 agents worldwide, Dal Negro is currently a world leader in the industry with a range of over 1,500 articles available to buy online and in all the best stores. A vast catalogue representing the production of playing cards and traditional products in wood, a full range of games for babies, boys and girls, including travel games, educational games, games of skill and strategy, outdoor games and games for families and groups.

In recent years the company has increased the production of Tarot decks, which also include a deck made by the Nobel Prize for Literature, Dario Fo.

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