Dead Island 2 will finally be released in 2023

Dead Island 2 screenshot

The opening of the Gamescom 2022 trade fair ended with a gameplay demonstration of Dead Island 2 and the announcement of its release date. The game hasn’t been remembered for a long time: it was announced too long ago. It seemed like it was just another project that turned into nothing, but now everything is fine and it really will be released next year. By the way, if you aren’t only an eSports fan but also like to bet on the games, here’s a quick tip for you. Visit this link with betting sites with free bets. The guys at Bookmaker Ratings have collected all the great promotions for you in one place.


We’ve gathered all the information about the development of the long-awaited sequel and its current status.


The game has had a long and difficult development path. It was originally tackled by the creators of the original Techland, but quickly switched to the development of Dying Light in collaboration with Warner Bros.


Publisher Deep Silver proposed a project by German studio Yager Development (Spec Ops: The Line). In summer 2012, the studio showed the publisher the concept of the game and signed a contract. The plot was announced at E3 2014, with the same fancy cinematic style that’s often found in the selection of the best game trailers.

But development proved difficult: in July 2015, the publisher announced that the German studio had dropped out of the project. And it wasn’t until March 2016 that the British Sumo Digital announced that it was working on a long-awaited sequel.

The failures didn’t let up – and in August 2019, THQ Nordic announced that development had been transferred to other creators. Dambuster Studios, a subsidiary of Deep Silver, has so far only published Homefront: The Revolution. At the same time, most of their staff came from Crytek UK, where they worked on Crysis 3 and the online mode of Crysis 2.


In a recent interview with Eurogamer, they admitted that Yager Development actually ran out of staff and they’d to develop the game from scratch. Also, they used to only use CryEngine, but now they were forced to switch to Unreal Engine 4.

The sequel is completely independent, but part of the whole universe. The game will contain allusions to Dead Island, including well-known characters.


The mission takes place in the middle of the story campaign, in Los Angeles, which is teeming with zombies. According to the mission, it was necessary to find a laptop with the necessary information.


You can create a variety of traps for the zombies: Set fire to spilled oil from a distance, throw electric batteries into water or place them on a surface with exposed cables.

Crafting has also been introduced and now resembles the system from Dying Light 2. 


Skill levelling looks like a card system with abilities, but it’s too early to draw conclusions: It’s quite branching.


When you encounter a memorable boss, a large clown that devours ordinary zombies, which restores your health, you’ll be thrilled. Instead of a weapon, the clown uses the bones of his arm as spears.


Too obvious similarities can be seen with the Dying Light dilogy and the first part of DI.

The action will be released on 3 February 2023 on PC (apparently exclusively for EGS) and two generations of consoles.

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