Did punters accept simulated sports & esports games in Africa

Without live sports event, especially football betting on live football games that are no longer available due to Covid-19 pandemic sportsbook operators is offering a new set of games.

E-sports and simulated sporting matches to fill the gap left by the suspension of major sports leagues across the globe, however, in this report representative from different brand spoke with Adeleye Awakan on the condition of anonymity in Africa over the past few week we were able to gather information from major sportsbook brand in Africa. In Nigeria, the representative from a sports betting company says he wishes to speak in anonymous that the traditional punters are a bit old-school to switch to that kind of action and nothing we be the same until football returns.

Another brand representative from Kenya said the new games offer we are offering bettors during the covid-19 pandemic is not helping the situation on the ground that punters attitude to this game is poor that still there has this concept of not trusting the games. In reality, they believed it programmed, that the chances of them winning are slim. This time sportsbook brand from Tanzania as said there are in the worst-case scenario that most of their customers are still hoping football resume soon. But for now, I think punters will start placing wager till the season kick-off back.

That even the association of sports betting has called for government help to give them tax waver during this time if not some might go bankruptcy. A brand from Mozambique said it would have been a different thing if they were no restriction of movement that bettors would have adapted to these new games offered by sportsbook brands. However, the question is why the turn out in Africa low well according to gaming expert from Ghana Seneya Koffi. As quoted says no doubt majority of the bettors in Africa still lack the adequate information on Esports games it would have been a perfect replacement for football betting in Africa.

Nevertheless, we do not see that trend in Africa, unlike in Europe, Asia and North America in which some operators in this region are reporting a surge in this game’s acceptance. Another problem is the negligence from sports betting brands not to have promoted these games adequately enough. While in the case of simulated virtual sports is another area that could have been alternative, the acceptance rate is high. Still, bettors often prefer to place a wager of these games in the retail shop rather than bet online but since the restriction of movement that as affected business where people are quarantined in their homes this as not helped matter for sportsbook brands in Africa.

In contrast, the majority of the brands has experienced a downturn in revenue. In conclusion, as things stand everybody is hoping we get back to our healthy life, while the shift in players attitude to online in Africa still has a few years to become a reality one.

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