Digital platforms are shaping the overall gambling ecosystem

The term digital platforms enable a data-driven world rather than a process-driven world. The digital platform handles an end-to-end business process necessary to achieve the improved experience for bettors in the gambling space, as well as employees, and partners in the industry.

However, the term platforms are not new; there have been around for ages ever since the time of dawn. For example, shopping mall, job placement service and newspaper classified ads have all been part of the overall business model of the economy. I will be going into detail about how digital platforms are shaping the gambling sector, particularly how it is been used to great effect.

Operators are Creating Digital Ecosystem

As the approaching contest plays out years back, an increasing number of industries are converging under newer, broader, and more dynamic alignments, digital ecosystems. A world of the ecosystem, the highly customer-centric model, where users can enjoy an end-to-end experience for a wide range of products and services through a single access gateway, without leaving the ecosystem is now a norm that bookmakers are going digital.

Operators leveraging on it

The digital platform, in turn, is making it possible for operators to better meet rising customer expectations as a change in player’s attitude to gambling.

Operators had to adapt to the era of digital transformation from mobile platforms, the data-crunching power of advanced analytics and the maturation of artificial intelligence to there platforms have led customers to expect fully personalized solutions delivered in milliseconds. Bookmaker’s platform orchestrators use data to connect the dots-by, for example, linking possible matches by predicting the needs of the players before they are articulated-based on the customer’s experience. Meaning the more customers use the platform, the more operators know about its customers to offer a truly integrated, end-to-end digital experience.

Finally, digital marketing with how accessible the internet is today, would you believe me if I told you the number of people who go online every day is still increasing. It is. In-fact “constant” internet usage among young adults increased by 20% in just the last three years, with over 3.5 billion of us online, according to Pew Research. However, marketing has always been about connecting with your audience in the right place. At the right time, the bookmakers have keyed into these trends of connecting with prospects customers through social media handle, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, to Instagram, Yahoo and Google through these platforms and have used it as a marketing tool to attract customers to their platforms.

Previous years where gambling is placed in traditional ways whereby players converge in bricks-mortar, shops, or kiosk, punters can now access this platforms through their mobile device, tablets among others it brings that convenience attached to it. Though, the overall business space is seeing a new life since the emergence of digital platforms in all sectors of business.

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