Do Big Wins Cause Gambling Addiction?

Online games are fun. They can help you spend time, avoid boredom, and escape the routine with all its stress and worries. Add an opportunity to win money and you’ll find it very difficult to resist a game or two. While many players choose online casino, the majority still bet real money in an attempt to get richer.

But this may lead to such a disorder as a gambling addiction. And it doesn’t matter whether you win big or small. Read or article further to stay on the safe side.

Gambling addiction definition

According to official sources, gambling addiction is a control-impulse disorder which means that players can’t control the desire to make a bet. They ignore their regular lives, abandon relationships, and steal money just to experience the thrill of winning. It is important to understand that not every visit to an online casino is pathological, so you should know where the red line is and when it shouldn’t be crossed.

Signs of gambling addiction

There is a big number of gambling addiction symptoms and you need to know them by heart to diagnose this disorder at an early stage. They include:

  • Poor performance in studies or at work because of gambling
  • Experiencing anxiety, anger or sadness when there is no access to games
  • A need to gamble more and more to experience the same level of joy
  • Using games to relieve stress or guilt
  • Using games to escape the reality
  • Giving up hobbies or relationships to play
  • Failing to reduce gambling time
  • Lying to others about how long you play or how much you spend
  • Poor personal hygiene because of excessive gambling

The nature of the gambling problem is still not fully explored and researchers continue to study the topic to help as many people as possible. However, they have already distinguished several factors that put certain individuals at a higher risk. They include poor self-control, anxiety, and impulsivity. If you possess these qualities and tend to notice at least some of the symptoms discussed above, we recommend turning to help centres or other professionals immediately.

How to treat gambling addiction

As you already understand, gaming addiction is a serious disorder and should be treated with all seriousness. It is not something you can neglect. The most effective way to cure this disorder and achieve a long-lasting effect is psychotherapy. It involves a big number of techniques and approaches which allows finding the best option in your particular case. A mental health professional provides information, attention, and support not only to a gambler but to their family as well. The most popular and effective types of psychotherapy for gambling addiction are:

  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy. It is a one-on-one help which assists in understanding your thoughts on a deeper level. With CBT, patients can find the roots of the problem and avoid addiction in the future.
  • Group therapy. It engages people with similar problems and creates a trusting environment where visitors support and motivate each other.
  • Family counselling. With its help, relatives and spouses of a person with addiction can learn more about the problem and master instruments to provide timely help in the future.

If you don’t have time or desire, there are other methods that help with gambling addiction. But it should be noted that the options below are effective only if the problem is not that acute and can be treated without professionals. The main instruments are:

Budgeting. Play only with the money you can afford to lose. Never gamble with borrowed money and don’t try to chase losses. As a rule, this results only in stress and lots of debts.
Breaks. From time to time, take pauses to have a walk or snack. Do the chores, study, or talk to your friends and family. Remember, gambling is only one way to have a great time and shouldn’t replace other activities.

Responsible gambling measures. Secure online casinos apply multiple tools that help players avoid addiction. For example, time and bet limits, reality checks, questionnaires, self-exclusion, and so on. They also provide links to international centres that help beat the addiction anonymously and 24/7. The Responsible Gambling page is usually located at the bottom of the casino’s website.


Gambling is one of the most interesting pastimes. It is also very convenient and doesn’t require extra skills or equipment. That is why millions of players spin the reels and play table games on a regular basis. But there is a reverse side: some people may develop a gambling addiction. And it doesn’t matter whether they bet big or small. Not to fall into this trap, we recommend playing responsibly, managing your budget, and taking breaks.


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