E-gaming companies help gamers to stay Indoors

Games have always been a popular form of entertainment for people of all ages across the globe. Digital games have enabled the gamers both avid and casual to stay indoor and play their favorite games at their own place and time.

Currently we all are going through an emergency phase due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, of this globally all are requested to stay indoors so that we remain safe from getting infected.

This has further resulted in economic and social slowdown as physical/social distancing has been suggested and also offices, schools, colleges, businesses are forced to shut down to restrict physical interaction.

Given below you will find certain facts and figures to understand how games are engaging players to curb their boredom during the home-stay period. This is perhaps the most suitable occasion when the gaming enthusiasts can spend time for playing game in Lockdown situation.

As people stayed indoors, in the past month there has been a 200 percent increase in users as per the reports of Paytm First Games.

Apart from this, the avid gamers who are spending 30 to 45 minutes daily on this platform has become more than half a million. As movie theaters, shopping malls and other hangout options are temporarily closed, people are looking forward to digital gaming as the best alternative to fight the ongoing lock down.

Gamerji, a popular for conducting e-sports tournament is also of the opinion that there has been a 50 percent increase in new registrations. Prior to this lock down this platform used to get 43,000 new registrations each month on an average. But within two weeks of the lock down phase there has been 72,000 enrollments. The founder of this platform has opined that that majority of the gamers are between the age group of 16 to 35 years.

Thus you can see that the online gaming market popularity in Coronavirus situation is increasing and is really helping gamers to try their hands in experiencing diverse games belonging to multiple genres. This also encourages many start-ups who wish to make their mark in the game development industry as this is the ideal time where you can really attract potential players and can retain them to enhance your brand value.

Skill-based games like rummy and poker along with PUBG and Clash of Duty have also gained immense popularity. This is because during this type of societal isolation, people would normally love to play multiplayer games where they can interact with their friends located in remote areas. Thus from the perspective of a game development company you can definitely come up with unique concepts to create trends in the current scenario and help to meet the gaming aspirations.

As the private multiplayer modes are gaining prominence, games like Ludo and Carrom have also attracted increased users than before. WinZo games whose main focus is on tier 2 to tier 5 towns is of the opinion that gameplay between friends has increased double during the last few days.

Conclusion: The extensive use of advanced tools and technologies have made today’s games interactive and immersive. If you can engage your target players with their desired gaming features and functionalities then you can definitely stand out in today’s competition. This is also a prospective time for a mobile game development company to deliver distinctive solutions so that the created games can boost turn dreams into reality.

Source: redappletech.com

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