Egypt vs. Asia: Popular themes in online slots

The gaming world has not been what it used to be some many years back. It is because there has been some recent improvement that has changed the scope. With the introduction of online gambling, a lot of things have been unlocked. Several features come with these online gambling, but the themes are quite impressive.

Most times, people look forward to the themes because it determines how exciting and pleasing the game would be. However, there are two prevalent themes in online slots that have been revolutionary – Egypt and Asian themes. In fact, because of them, there has been an extraordinary growth in the popularity of online slots.

Themed Online Slots Fight For your Spin

Online casinos have added a couple of things to aid great user experience, and one of them is the theme. In a competitive world of online slots, every casino wants to surpass and beat all expectations. There are over hundreds of online casinos, and there are still going to be more, and the only way to stay relevant or frequently used is the ability to entice players. Several means have been deployed to make that possible.

The following are more reasons why casinos are themed:

  1. Creating a Personality. Most casinos today have found ways to market themselves to the public so that they are accepted and recognized. With the incorporation of themes, they have given people a chance to connect with the gaming world. Hence, gaming doesn’t become a mere fantasy, just for fun, but for real connection. The aim is for the casino to have an impression on them and without themes as well as other features, it is only going to remain the same old way.
  2. Attracting a unique audience. Take it as a fan club. Casinos also need to target an audience that would be their key players. These key players are going to be responsible for the majority of things that happen in the casino. However, it takes a good marketing strategy to make that happen, and themes are perfect. They mostly target players from that country of interest by regarding their culture and values. The theme creates an impression that would be irresistible to players.
  3. Fun and Excitement. Also, everyone wants to have fun and enjoy themselves while playing a game in a casino. There are lots of ways to make that possible, especially when it has good RTP, betting options and good winning potentials. One other way to ensure that is by having solid, cute themes. It has an effect of triggering players interest in the game. Thus, great themes attract more players.

Top Egypt Themed Slot Games

As much as there are many Egypt themes based on slot games, there are three exceptional ones. These games have proven themselves not only to be successful in themes but also in features, gameplay, and playtime.

Lost Relics

It is an Egyptian-themed slot game developed by NetEnt. The game takes players back to Egypt on an archeological quest for ancient treasures and more. Lost Relics consists of 5 reels and Cluster pays for more fun and excitement. Further, there are lots of cash prizes to be won and rewards such as wilds and scatters to get from this game.


Cleopatra’s Gold

iGaming data states that Cleopatra slots are one of the most beloved slots: 90% of gamers played Cleopatra-themed slot games at least once; 50% play on a daily basis. One of the top slot games on Cleopatra’s theme is Cleopatra’s Gold that could be found free with no download on It centers around Cleopatra, a beautiful, ancient Queen/Pharaoh of Egypt. Thus, it has an Egyptian theme. This game talks about her riches and wit. Cleopatras Gold has five reels and 20 pay lines to make things possible. It has features that make it possible to win prizes and rewards.

Cat Queen

Also, another Egypt-themed slot game that centers around the strongest pantheon in Egypt. It has five reels and 40 pay lines with excellent winning potential for players. Cat Queen is very popular and has gained fans from different parts of the world.



Top Asian Themed Slot Games

In the same vein, there are Asian themed slot games too that are exceptional. Being Asian, they are sometimes Japanese or Chinese depending on the nature of the game.

Koi Princess

There are millions of people in the world that would go insane at the sight of anime. Koi Princess is one of those slot games that have an Asian-theme and features anime characters. This slot game takes players on a trip to the Eastern part of the world, Asia still in the comfort of their own homes. Koi Princess has 5 reels and 20 pay lines with rewards and prizes at the end.


The Legend of Shangri-la: Cluster pays

In addition to Cluster pays series of NetEnt is The Legend of Shangri-La. This slot game walks people into ancient Asia while a monk accompanies players. The purpose of this is for enlightenment and direction to discover some untold truths. With six reels and good RTP, on this Asian-themed slot, winning is certain.



100 Pandas

Deep into the world of Chinese panda, 100 Pandas promises to be exciting and entertaining. This slot game uses a Chinese-theme with natural habitats of pandas as a concept. There are many features on it, such as bamboo, Chinese music songs, and more. 100 Pandas has three reels in position, and it makes a good game.




It is hard to choose which is better in Egypt or Asia themes. While the Egypt-themed slot takes back to historic Egypt with features to accurately describe the era, the Asia-themed slot takes us back to the history of the Western world. Thus, there is hardly a title for the best between both.

These two themes have been incorporated into numerous slot games today, and this is all thanks to the creative efforts of game developers. Why not appreciate the impact of both themes than look out for which surpasses the other? There is no competition on that basis. They are going to give us more in the future. It is the advantage of using either of them.


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