Establishment Of A National Lottery Kicks Off In Machakos

The Government is in the process of setting reforms in governance of the betting and gaming sector by establishing a National lottery to promote responsible betting and gaming.

A presidential task force was formed to engage in wider consultation with all Key Stakeholders in the county on establishment of the National lottery through public participation.

Speaking to the media during the Public participation forum at Machakos Social Hall, vice chair of the task force Mr. Gideon Thuranira said their mandate is to establish a national lottery and to intervene in bringing about regulation in terms of policy formulation and a setting up a gambling control bill.

“The spirit of this task force is to grow and develop a National Gambling industry that is responsible, inclusive and properly regulated,” – he said.

Thuranira who is also the Chairman of the Public participation forum, said that in the past there have been over indulgence, under regulation and infringement as residents get into trouble because of poor regulation in the industry.

He pointed out that Kenya does not have any Gambling policy since the laws that exist were formulated in 1966 and since then, there have been so many changes and development such as online gambling, and gaming across borders.

The vice chair added that there has been infiltration of players who are not addressed by the 1966 act that controls gaming lottery and betting and that’s why President Dr. William Ruto formed a task force to bring in proper coordination and regulation.

“The National Lottery fund will sit and identify projects to support and engage in public good, such as sports, children’s home and culture,” – he added.

Thuranira clarified that the National lottery is not going to kill other players but being a government body, it has to set the benchmark in terms of following set guidelines so that other players will know what not to and what to engage in.

“We are not out as a task force to bring out things that are going to kill the local industry, but we want a growing sector that has proper control,” – said Thuranira.

He said that they have proposed that the minimum age to bet is 18 years and they are trying to control the minimum bet that one can place so that it stops children from participating in gambling.

The meeting included stakeholders from Makueni, Kitui and Machakos counties.


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