European Lotteries Association grants NLA observer membership status

Effective June 17, 2024, the National Lottery Authority (NLA) has assumed the status as a European Lotteries (EL) Observer Member. The decision to grant the NLA an Observer Membership status was taken at the General Assembly of the EL Industry Days Seminar, being held m in Salzburg, Austria from 16 to 19th June.

The 45 member countries present at the event voted in unanimity for the NLA as an EL Observer Member. This comes on the back of a strong pitch by the Director-General of NLA, Samuel Awuku at the EL Public Seminar Order in Brussels in February 2024.

Mr Awuku was invited to share his views beyond Africa on Illegal Gambling in Ghana following which he made the pitch. Subsequently, the EL Secretary General, Mr. Arjan Van T’ Veer requested the NLA to officially write to the EL and go through an application process which required the submission of the Authority’s Financial Statements, expenditure on Good Causes and Responsible Gaming certification.

Having satisfied the criteria, the NLA is now officially an EL Observer Member. NLA is the second African country to be granted Observer Membership after Morocco, bringing the EL’s current Observer Members to four.

They include Satty Zhuldyz JSC of Kajakstan, Loterie Nationale Morocco; La Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports of Morrocco and the National Lottery Authority of Ghana.

The Observer Status allows the NLA and its stakeholders to now freely participate in the EL training, capacity buildings, exchange programmes on best practices for the development of the lottery industry.

EL is present in 39 countries in Europe, with a total of 70 members. 50 members operate in a Member State of the European Union (EU) while 20 members operate in non-EU Member States.

Mr Awuku thanked the EL for granting the NLA this opportunity and believes it will strengthen the Authority’s operations and position the NLA internationally as the Authority seeks to pursue its vision to become the lottery organization of choice and blueprint in Africa and beyond.

Mr Awuku also praised his dedicated team led by the Governing Board and supported by Management and Staff for working collectively to achieve this milestone for the NLA brand which has soared in recent years.

Also present at the meeting were WLA officials including the President, Ms. Rebeccah Paul and the General Secretary, Ms. Lynne Roiterg


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