Eventus International to cover more countries in 2021

Eventus International will be continuing with its groundbreaking lineup of international gaming events in 2021, as well as venturing into brand new markets opening up new opportunities in the specific regions. We are pleased to expand our calendar of events from 12 existing international gaming events, to 19 planned for 2021!

The year of 2020 was the first of many new innovative ideas to overcome the current challenges we all are facing. It made us reminisce about how Eventus International first opened its doors almost a decade ago. It also started with a new innovative idea, something that was not done before – a first of many to come.

Many of you might not know this, but Eventus International was founded back in 2012 by Mr Yudi Soetjiptadi, who aimed to establish the African gaming market with events such as the BiG Africa Supershow, Sports Betting East Africa (SBEA) Summit and Sports Betting West Africa (SBWA) Summit. Back in 2011, there were no international gaming events on the African continent and the Africa gaming industry was still at its infant stage.

Since 2012, Eventus International grew tremendously and with events being further recognised and supported by local and international stakeholders, the Africa gaming market was starting to be identified as the new up and coming market, which was “open” for business. Although many regulations were at infancy stages, the events hosted by Eventus International offered a platform for regulators, operators and solution providers to meet and share ideas to ultimately shape the industry for years to come.

Now, with almost a decade gone by, Eventus International has grew its roster of global gaming events up to 12 events annually, covering almost every continent. With a positive outlook on 2021, Eventus International will be expanding its calendar of events even further, offering 19 events globally.

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