Everything you need to know about LaLiga

A brief history has always served you right. Perhaps learning about the state of affairs before coronavirus will help you understand why everyone is excited that La Liga is back! The Spanish football season was suspended indefinitely on 23rd march 2020.

The two options by then was to either cancel the whole season or hope to resume and complete the season after the suspension. The resumption of the season means that a chain reaction of fun activities related to football has started to unfold? Are you a gambler or a die-hard fan? Well, if you are reading this, then I bet you are. Let’s find out what the remaining part of the season has in store for us.

La Liga matches and teams

As a punter, I know the most important thing to know and be updated on is the winning or the leading teams of now. While gambling involves a cocktail of decisions, placing your bet on the winning team means everything. After all, no one wishes to lose their hard-earned money. Barcelona and Real Madrid are the leading teams, you could call the winners as of now. Real Madrid is battling for only two points to catch up with Barcelona.

The excitement that has come with the resumption of the season is because the battle for the championship is back. Barcelona could have been the winner by default if the season was canceled. Why am I telling you this? Because we all know that an adrenaline rush comes with watching your favorite football rise from fifth place to the top four or even better, become the winners.

The following are the teams at the top currently. The teams are listed according to the place in the league.
1. Barcelona
2. Real Madrid
3. Sevilla
4. Real Sociedad
5. Getafe
Other teams include Atletico Madrid, Real Betis, Athletic Bilbao, amongst others.

Current state of affairs in La Liga

As you may know already, La Liga has been back in the game since 8th June. The idea is to make sure the league is closed by the last weekend in July that is, 25th and 26th July. This is to ensure that only UEFA leagues are slotted for August.

Most of the remaining matchdays are weekends, although, some matches have been slotted for midweek. This means that you get to enjoy more football throughout the week. And as we advocate, there is no problem in gaining some cash while enjoying your matches as a punter.

La Liga’s schedule has made sure that you stay entertained during the remaining part of the season. This is because they have arranged for both midweek and weekend matches. For you to make your best out of the season as a football fan, you need to mark the dates and know the fixtures for each Matchday, pay your television set, you don’t want to have problems with your subscription during the broadcasting of a live match. Also, make sure you have cash available in the acceptable deposit platforms for placing your bets. You can also stream live from your most reliable sporting websites.

There is so much you can follow to stay updated with daily fixtures and daily scores. Just follow the updates on the La Liga website. I know we have all waited for this season to resume, but as always remember to gamble responsibly.

The African continent has everyone’s attention when it comes to matters gambling and sports. La Liga too has its eyes on Africa. Did you know that La Liga has established an office in South Africa to better reach African football fans? La Liga is one of the most followed foreign football leagues in Africa. The following are some of the best gambling sites that offer odds and predictions for La Liga in Africa.

Before you decide to place your bet with a particular bookmaker, make sure you review them to learn about their bonuses and offers:

1. Sportpesa – is one of the La Liga partners, offering gambling services to the entire African fan base, being an international bookmaker. Sportpesa is the official regional bookmaker.
2. betWay
3. 888sport
4. Intertops
5. BetVictor

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