Excitement as Sporting Events Set for Reopening

Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Most of the previously postponed sporting activities have resumed. This provides gamblers with something to look forward to. For any gambler, a match is not complete without placing a wager. Whether you are a casino person, a soccer fan, basket fan, or a golfing fan, we’ve got you covered.

There is a variety of gambling activities that one can indulge in from the comfort of their homes. The only difference is the settings. Of course, this is because we care about your health and want you to have fun, make extra money, and stay safe. For this reason, we are keeping you updated on what is happening and yet to happen in the world of sports, to make sure that you don’t miss on your chance to place your wager while following your favorite team and sport. Below are matches and tournaments to keep you entertained during this lockdown season.


Football fans can now buckle up to enjoy endless live, virtual, and online matches. Some of the football leagues amongst African gamblers such as the Bundesliga and the premier league are set to complete their seasons affected by the coronavirus pandemic recently. These are some of the leagues you can look forward to:

The Premier League

Premier League matches are set to resume on Wednesday, 17th June 2020. How about making a football journal for all premier league matches taking place in June 2020? The following are matches and the specific times in East African Time (EAT). Note that each match day has 2 matches happening at different times with a time difference of 2hrs 15 mins.

On Wednesday 17th June, Aston Villa will play against Sheffield United at 20:00. Later, Man City will play against Arsenal at 22:15.

On Friday 19th June, Norwich City will play against Southampton at 20:00. Starting from 22:15, Tottenham will play against Man United.

On Saturday 20th June, Watford will play against Leicester city at 14:30. Later in the day, at 17:00, Brighton will play against Arsenal.

This is to mention just a few that awaits from the premier league. Be sure to follow closely to get updates on football fixtures and get ready to place your bets with your favorite bookie.

Virtual Soccer

Several online sites are offering virtual football/ soccer for football fans. All you need is a good internet connection and your smartphone or computer to enjoy matches from the comfort of your home. Generally, virtual football involves odds generated by special algorithms. These games are way shorter than real matches which means you get to bet even more within a shorter period.
The following are some of the best sites for virtual football betting.

  • Ladbrokes
  • Betfred
  • William Hill


After setting up clear guidelines for preventing further spread of Coronavirus, The NBA has announced the resumption of their matches for the season on 30th July. This is really good news for basketball lovers. As long as teams are competing against each other, gamblers will always have the chance to place their wagers. Most of the matches are set totake place with empty stadia, however, the match will be broadcasted live on TV for fans to ebony the match while placing bets. Bookmakers also stream live videos on their sites to ensure that their subscribers are entertained and doesn’t miss the action. Betting.betfair is one of the sites where you can get NBA upcoming events and fixtures. Nothing is more fun like following a match that can make you money. Watch out for more information on how to successfully place a bet on a basketball match.

The gambling society has stayed in the dark for some months now, and the news of the resumption of these events has been received with a lot of jubilation. Gambling companies that almost recorded zero monthly revenues are certain of better business in the coming days. Youngsters who depended on sports betting for livelihoods are bracing up to restore their normal livelihoods. Already, the companies have begun reinstating their staffs to generate odds and also work in their various branches.

Although the business may not be as lucrative in the first month, there is every indication that everything will get back to normal. Many countries have resumed their leagues and they are exploring modalities of incorporating fans gradually into the fields.

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