Excitement for African Betting Companies with the News of the Resumption of the EPL

One of the most anticipated sporting events in the world at the moment is the English Premier League, as many people are keen to find out the exact date when the most popular football league in the globe would resume.

According to a statement issued by the shareholders of the premier league on the Thursday of May 28, the tentative date for the continuation of the league is set for the 17th of June. However, the resumption is on the basis that all safety measures and controls are set sufficiently by the respective teams and thse management of the league in general. As of the 1st of June, players of the respective clubs have started training together in the training grounds while complying with the social distancing rule as set by the National Health Service.

The decision by the shareholders came in light with the initial approval from the United Kingdom government that allowed for the resumption of sporting and cultural events as highlighted in a detailed description of the a 60 page document called Our Plan to Rebuild. From the plan, the continuation of sporting and cultural events was part of Phase 2, as the document highlighted several other events that needed resumption. The underlying cautionary measure is that these sporting events go on without fans in attendance.

The EPL, as is popularly known becomes only the second league in Europe after the Bundesliga to receive approval from the government on a possible return. Other European major leagues do not have tentative dates of return, though the Spanish La Liga has also been set to resume in mid-June. Considering that football matches will not contain any fans, the hope is that most of them would watch the games on television at the comfort of their homes.

What it means for African Betting Companies

As mentioned, the EPL is the most popular and most watched football league in the world, as people from all over the globe follow its proceedings. In Africa, its viewership numbers are one of the highest as most people watch lie matches more than those of local leagues. The implication of this is that many punters take part in betting against this matches in various betting sites, and it is for that reason many betting companies have generated a lot of revenue from the EPL.

Most betting companies in Africa had relied on virtual games and the Belarusian Premier League to generate income from interested punters, but the resumption of the EPL would be one of the biggest boosts to business. For instance, in Nigeria, the CEO of NairaBet Company indicated the excitement ahead of the resumption of the EPL as a large portion of what the company makes comes from punters placing bets on games in the league. During this period when there were no live physical matches, the company was relying on virtual football matches to have something for punters to gamble on.

In South Africa, despite the fact that football is not the only popular betting sport in the country, most companies are also excited from the good news regarding the return of English football. The level of entertainment is not only in watching the games, but also in winning cash from placing bets against some of the live matches, according to some of the social media posts from South African punters regarding the subject matter.

In Kenya, the enthusiasm is equally escalating, especially within some of the popular betting companies. According to the Chief Marketing Executive of SportyBet, some of the customers who had become inactive from gambling through the company are gradually becoming active again, as they are asking questions regarding the resumption of the EPL. Such are the sentiments from other companies, including Betpawa and PremierBet where small betting booths in various urban centers have begun opening up, mostly as an indication of the fact that betting on football may soon resume as usual.

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