Exploring the Most Popular Sports for Betting in Nigeria

Nigeria offers a wide range of options for sports wagering, considering the significant number of bettors in the country – estimated at 50 million! As a result, Nigerian sports betting is experiencing rapid growth and is considered one of the fastest-growing in Africa.

However, for new bettors, selecting the appropriate sports to bet on can be challenging. With sports like football, tennis, basketball, cricket, boxing and horse racing, Nigerian sports enthusiasts have a diverse selection of popular sports to choose from when placing their bets.


Football is undoubtedly the most favoured sport for betting in Nigeria. The enthusiasm for football is ingrained in the nation, with millions of supporters backing both local and international teams. This adoration for the game results in significant interest in football betting, as numerous Nigerians place bets on games, competitions and individual player performances.

The English Premier League, UEFA Champions League and major global tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup are especially well-liked among Nigerian bettors. Football wagering presents a wide array of options, including match results, goal scorer, and halftime/fulltime outcomes, offering numerous chances for fans to bet on their beloved teams and players.


Tennis also stands out as one of the most popular sports for betting in Nigeria. The sport presents a plethora of betting options, ranging from predicting individual match results to setting champions, game scores and even specific point outcomes. Thanks to the proliferation of online sports betting platforms, Nigerian punters can easily access tennis betting markets worldwide, including prestigious tournaments such as the Grand Slams, ATP and WTA events.

The popularity of tennis wagering can be attributed to its fast-paced and unpredictable nature, offering the potential for lucrative odds and substantial payouts. Bettors have the opportunity to scrutinise player performance, head-to-head statistics, surface preferences and other variables to make well-informed wagering choices.


ICCCricket is gaining traction as a popular sport for betting in Nigeria, with a focus on prestigious international tournaments like the ICC Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, Indian Premier League (IPL) and Big Bash League (BBL). These events draw considerable interest from bettors eager to showcase their expertise and luck in the game.

The Nigerian market offers a wide range of sports betting options, including match-winner, top batsman, top bowler and enticing prop bets, enhancing the overall excitement of cricket betting in the region.


Nigerian bettors show a strong preference for the NBA (National Basketball Association), with a significant number of fans closely monitoring games and placing bets on their preferred teams and players. Apart from the NBA, Nigerian bettors also find enjoyment in wagering on various basketball leagues and tournaments globally, such as the EuroLeague, FIBA Basketball World Cup and local Nigerian basketball leagues.

The rise in basketball’s popularity in Nigeria, coupled with the accessibility of online wagering platforms, has led to an increasing number of Nigerians participating in basketball betting and relishing the thrill of wagering on their beloved sport.

Boxing (MMA)

Boxing boasts a significant fan base in the nation, with numerous enthusiasts keen to place bets on their beloved fighters. Engaging in boxing match betting can be both thrilling and lucrative, as it presents a plethora of opportunities to wager on various facets of the bout, including the victor, the method of triumph and even the specific round in which the fight will conclude.

Horse Racing

Nigeria has a rich tradition of horse racing, drawing in a significant following of fans and bettors. Races take place frequently at different tracks throughout the country, with the Lagos Race Club standing out as one of the most renowned venues.

The betting scene for horse racing in Nigeria is well-established and controlled, with numerous bookmakers providing a variety of odds and wagering choices for races both domestic and international. Enthusiasts can wager on race outcomes, specific horses, jockeys and other aspects, adding to the excitement and suspense of the sport for Nigerian betting enthusiasts.

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