Facts about online gambling in the USA

Did you know that half of the states have regulated and legalized online gambling? The statistics mention at least 10% of US adults gambling at least once a week on online platforms. These figures include both sports betting and casino games on the internet.

What does the US online gambling law say?

At this stage, there is no federal law that regulates online gambling in the US. However, some state laws can lead to legal proceedings when it comes to the underground economy. It is no secret that the state is taking tough measures and monitoring online betting closely so that it can react. The politics regarding gambling is serious, as you will see from our article.

Many adult players prefer betting sites without a Social Security Number as they do not want to come out into the light. They prefer to gamble online without sharing personal details and worrying about laws. Such online platforms exist and can be used freely.

What is the percentage of online betting in the US?

In all likelihood you don’t know, but nearly 85% of players who have reached the age of majority in the US have bet on sports or casino games at least once in their lifetime. In the past year, 60% of adult gambling users have registered. Forms of legal online gambling are available in 48 states, with Hawaii and Utah still making an exception to this rule.

Interestingly, some states have holidays that do not allow players to gamble, in any forms. This may not appeal to everyone, but if the law is broken, certain penalties will follow. Of course, this applies to certain parts of the United States.

Who regulates gambling in the United States of America?

The regulators of gambling in the United States are the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Board. Together, they develop regulations towards payment systems at gambling sites and impose certain restrictions. At this stage, however, there is more freedom and adult Americans can play on the various sites without worrying about certain prohibitions.
We could write that in most of the USA, online gambling is fully allowed and is practiced by many. There are conditions that bettors have to meet, one of them being to identify themselves on the sites by giving their SSN, but this rule can be circumvented as well.

Gambling addiction in the US

Recent figures suggest that around 10 million Americans are gambling addicts. This is a mental condition that is difficult to overcome. In the near future, the number of gamblers is expected to become even higher and consequently there will be more problem gamblers. Of course, the state is trying to introduce new laws and regulations, but it is not known whether they will be sufficient at this stage.
Final words

In this post, we have shared some interesting facts about online gambling in the US. There is a lot more that could be said and written on the subject, but we think we’ve covered the most important information for you. We warn you that gambling leads to addiction and you can lose more than you win. Finally, we urge you to approach gambling sensibly and wish you every success.

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