False Predictions by a Ghanaian Prophets Sports Betting Enthusiast were devastated

Ghanaian youths are angry because they followed the prophecy of the respected man of God Badu Kobi, telling sports betting enthusiasts to bet their last dime on a football match, which unfortunately were the wrong team prediction.

The sports-loving fans are currently looking for Prophet Badu Kobi, who predicted the winner between Argentina and Brazil in the Copa America finals. The man of God prophesied a win for Brazil before their match with Argentina in the Copa America finals in a video that went viral online. According to Prophet Badu Kobi, the game was going to be tough, but Brazil would take the cup home at the end of the game. Sports betting fans took the words of the man of God into consideration and staked their bet according to his prediction because he stated that the prophecy was coming from the spiritual realm.

Brazil was down by a goal to nil after the full 90 minutes making many people lose their bet. Argentina player Di Maria scored the winning goal in the 22nd minute, putting Argentina on top of the games. Some youths have vowed to attack the hell out of the prophet Badu Kobi or burn down his church for spoiling their bets. They also advised him to preach about Jesus Christ and leave football out of his fake prophesies. One of the affected players said he had to use life-saving to stake big in the hope of a financial breakthrough, some other reactions from betting enthusiasts claimed they lost millions; some even placed wagers with their bank loans.

Meanwhile, this reports as shown how vulnerable the youths are addicted to gambling it is quite evident that suppose you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to how ardent and thoroughly committed Ghanaians are into gambling you haven’t seen. In that case, this is a result of how much the average Ghanaians can impact gambling. Almost everyone in Ghana now has a form of gambling addiction. However, sports betting are a phenomenon for the vast population; online casino games are a new entertaining dimension in Ghana.

The statistics on addiction show how sports betting have ruined many lives; people are inclined to gambling addiction. Those predisposed to other types of addiction are also predisposed to other issues about which they are unaware. Although gambling is legal and carefully regulated, it has attracted various international sports betting companies to consider they stand on point in the country. The gambling and betting industry has become popular, and many see it as a form of entertainment. Ghana’s gambling industry, like that of the rest of Africa, is booming. Although the rules and regulations governing this industry in Africa vary significantly from one country to the next, Ghana has a decent handle on the matter citizens of Ghana can participate in several gambling activities.

Ghana’s gaming industry is the best example of the African continent’s ongoing evolution due to the gambling industry’s global economic expansion and mobile money penetration. The invention of a quicker and more stable internet connection was one of the reasons why online game companies began to establish themselves in Ghana.

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