Features that offer iGaming players more freedom and a better gaming experience

The size of the global online gambling market was estimated at USD 42.6 billion in 2020. According to the forecasts of IFF Market Research, in the years 2021-2027 it will grow at a rate of 10.4% per year. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are enjoying online entertainment in their homes, using mostly their phones.

This trend significantly affects the development of the market, but the technology is one of the main driving forces of its growth. Companies that offer iGaming-related services must introduce innovations to provide players with the best possible experience. Slow Internet connection or unsuitable gaming speed are among the problems faced by online gaming enthusiasts. New functions available in games offered by Wazdan come in handy.

Wazdan is a company specializing in innovative casino games created in accordance with the idea of “mobile first”, providing players with original entertainment on all operating systems. Creating games in HTML5 technology, allowed Wazdan to become increasingly popular in the iGaming industry. Over 130 games in the publisher’s portfolio have been enhanced with original features. They provide players with the opportunity to customize their gameplay to their individual preferences, giving them freedom of choice.

Innovations in Wazdan

The first Unique Wazdan Feature is Volatility Levels™. Thanks to three available levels of volatility – low, standard and high – it gives players the freedom of choice by allowing them to modify their winnings and the frequency of their outruns. At low levels, winnings are lower, but appear more often. The high level brings more big wins, but they occur less often. Players looking for a more balanced experience can choose the standard level where both the winnings and their frequency is balanced.

The second function is Ultra Fast Mode. In the rapidly growing world of online gaming, the new mode allows players to increase game speed significantly. When the feature is activated, the reels spin in a flash. Ultra Fast Mode doesn’t in any way affect the game algorithms or RTP (Return to Player). However, it saves time for those who are more impatient.

Another innovation is Ultra Lite Mode, created for players with slow Internet connection. This mode significantly reduces the game loading time. According to Wazdan analysis, players can launch their favorite titles up to five times faster. Some more sophisticated animations are omitted, but the overall impression and atmosphere of the games remains the same, allowing players to enjoy a truly seamless gameplay.

The last feature that provides a better gaming experience is Big Screen Mode. It allows players to enlarge the reels view so that it fills the entire screen. By choosing one of the two zoom modes, players can adjust how the game is displayed on their devices. Game logo and side animations are cropped, while the dedicated control panel is replaced with universal buttons placed, like in the mobile view, on the right side of the reels. By enabling this unique feature, players can focus exclusively on the thrilling action taking place on the reels of their favorite slot game.

This is not all that Wazdan has to offer

The publisher games offer three other features that have already become the industry standard. However, it is important to remember about their role, which significantly improves the gameplay experience.
The first one is Unique Gamble Feature. This function can be activated after each winning spin to start an exciting bonus game where players have a 50/50 chance to instantly double their winnings – up to 7 times in a row! Created with the unique theme of each game in mind and with marvelous graphics and animations, it is an exciting addition you don’t want to miss.

Buy Feature is another easy-to-use function that gives players the ability to enjoy the full potential of the game and buy the desired bonuses in a convenient way, at any time, which greatly enhances the player enjoyment.

The last function is Energy Saving Mode. This simple yet brilliant feature allows gamers to extend the battery life of the device by roughly 40%! Aimed mainly at mobile players, Energy Saving Mode is perfect for those on the move or with no socket in sight.

The innovations introduced by Wazdan were aimed at enabling players to play at their best. The company continues to search for new solutions so that every player can enjoy online gaming, regardless of the device and speed of their Internet connection. Wazdan is motivated by the idea of “freedom of choice” and in addition to the unique and innovative features, its games offer a number of settings that allow everyone to adapt the game and its functions to their individual preferences.

Wazdan develops innovative casino games that deliver an original, fun and truly omni-channel player experience. With a portfolio of more than 130 top-quality slots, table games and video poker games, Wazdan becomes increasingly popular with players and leading casinos. Wazdan offers such beloved titles as 9 Lions, Larry the Leprechaun, Black Horse™ Deluxe, Magic Stars 3, Great Book of Magic Deluxe, Magic Target Deluxe and Fruit Mania Deluxe, as well as exciting new titles, including Gem Splitter™, Reel Joke™, Power of Gods™: Egypt, Telly Reels™, Choco Reels™, Infinity Hero™ and Reel Hero™. Regularly released new games include Unique Wazdan Features such as Volatility Levels™, Ultra Lite Mode, Ultra Fast Mode and Big Screen Mode. The brand has its own trademarked products, such as the above mentioned Volatility Levels™. The company’s large portfolio of satisfied customers includes the most popular operators in the market, while games offered by Wazdan are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Swedish Gambling Authority and Romanian National Gambling Office ONJN. They are also certified and can be offered in the Estonia, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, Switzerland and Portugal. Furthermore, Wazdan games use a GLI-certified random number generator, which guarantees a reliable, fair and secure gameplay.

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