Find out Why Gaming in Burundi is Business as Usual

Burundi is an East African country, landlocked by bordering countries; DRC, Tanzania, and Rwanda. This country has a population of 12.7 million people as of 2019. The capital city is Bujumbura which is the pinnacle of gaming activities in the country.

Bujumbura hosts the largest casino in the country, the Lydia Ludic Casino. Gambling is illegal in Burundi however, casino gambling is allowed in one casino in the capital city based on the intention of job provision for the locals. There is a national lottery in Burundi as well, which is popularly known as LONA which is conducted for charity purposes.

Most of these online lottery sites are illegal, however, the gambling community can access offshore online gambling sites. Other forms of gambling include sports betting, poker, and Bingo. The gambling industry is rather undeveloped since the locals are the major players in the only land-based casino. This is as a result of the soiled history by the wars between the Hutu and Tutsi communities. It’s quite obvious that tourists are not attracted to this country for these reasons.

Sports in Burundi Go Untouched by the Global Pandemic

Local sports such as football, basketball, and tennis amongst others have not been affected by the global Coronavirus pandemic that has caused the cancelation of international and local sports tournaments, and postponing of other major events. This follows after Burundi employed stringent measures to curb the spread of the virus.

The government of Burundi has been keen to cancel all passenger flights into the country, therefore preventing the importation of the virus. Other measures such as constant sanitization, social distancing, and a14 days quarantine for all those with the recent history of travel have proven effective for Burundi.
This means that this nation does not have any reasons to postpone any social events such as church gatherings, weddings, and sports. Local tournaments are still taking place in Burundi, therefore, punters get to keep placing wagers on the uninterrupted local matches.

Football Gambling in Burundi

Football fans in Burundi get to watch their favorite matches from the stadium, something the rest of the world can only imagine. This is as a result of the delayed Coronavirus infection cases in the country. The Africa Cup of Nations Qualification match for Group E is set to take place on 6th June 2020, between Burundi and the Central African Republic. Punters will be able to follow the development of the match through match statistics, and live results updated after every minute. This includes both the online video streams and live score updates.

Bookmakers such as bet365 sponsoring the event will stream the live video of this match. Gamblers who are using this particular site will have the advantage to place wagers and watch the development of the game.

Besides the physical football matches, there are virtual football matches offered online by a variety of offshore online gambling sites that accept players from Burundi. Other casino games; slots and table games such as blackjack, bingo, and poker are still available online and gamblers can play online from the comfort of their homes. Burundi Premier League results and fixtures are available online. Players can follow these matches online and view the fixtures for upcoming matches. Punters can without any doubt keep following these matches and placing their bets as usual.

Offshore Sites Available for Burundi Players
1. Black Lotus Casino
2. 32 Red
3. BGO

While most international events may be canceled or postponed, local sporting events for Burundi are still going on as scheduled. This makes Burundi the first African nation to give a definite date for its football league. This follows the indefinite postponing of major events around the world. Burundi’s gaming and gambling industry has remained unbowed by the pandemic and bookmakers and players are conducting their businesses as usual.

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