Fintech ecosystem sprut gambling business in Africa

Africa over 60% of people in the continent remain unbanked and can’t access the most basic financial services to invest in their life activities and businesses, which limits their full potential.

However, nobody should be denied access to participate in the world digital economy, mainly because of their circumstances or background but thanks to the emergence of the FinTech ecosystem in Africa. The ecosystem has stimulated technological innovation, made financial service and system more efficient and improved the overall customer experience, especially the Africa gambling sector.

These ecosystems composed of governments, financial institutions, entrepreneurs and software providers in the gambling scene have shown they can energize the broader local economy by attracting talented, ambitious people and becoming a locus of creative thinking and business activity. However, unlike in previous years, the gambling sector lacks clear cut freedom and flexibility to pay in the most convenient and relevant manner.

However, the payment structure was rigid, could be frustrating at times; some times, it may require bettors to visit the bookie outlets if a certain amount of money won.

Significantly the sector is experiencing an era of digital transformation which has seen more operators consolidating to a mobile-based platform tailored made, to suit customers satisfaction.

Thanks to the financial sector which offer mobile financial services, has helped in implementing seamless payment offering that integrates both elements of the traditional and digital method but has offer heightened experience but ultimately increases customer loyalty in the gambling space.

Article by Adeleye Awakan

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