Firm launches “Kings Know When to Stop” for safe, responsible gaming

Leading sports betting brand BetKing, has launched a campaign themed ‘Kings Know when to stop’ that aims to encourage a responsible gaming ecosystem by educating players on the importance of betting responsibly. The campaign features a three-part TVC that encourages players to maintain responsible gaming behaviors by recognizing and sticking to their limits.

The videos intelligently leveraged relatable scenarios to communicate the importance of setting and adhering to limits when partaking in any activity, including sports betting.

The three films feature BetKing Brand Ambassador & Nigerian Football Legend, Jay Jay Okocha, Reality TV Star, Seyi Awolowo, and social media content creator, Ope Keshinro popularly known as SwitOpe respectively – engaged in different activities including exercise, eating & shopping. Each ad film showcases the challenges of not adhering to limits and how sticking to limits delivers better results. The three creatives present strong proof points to attest to how BetKing is promoting responsible gaming in the local sports betting ecosystem.

Speaking on the campaign, Gossy Ukanwoke, Managing Director for KingMakers Nigeria said,

“Responsible gaming is about using betting for fun and entertainment, and at BetKing, we recognise that customer education is critical to upholding best practices. This campaign teaches the importance of self-control and emphasises on the importance of personal discipline when engaging in various activities, including sports betting.”

“The launch of the ‘Kings Know When to Stop’ campaign is in line with our commitment to be the brand at the forefront of responsible gaming in Nigeria. It is critical to use our platform to inform and motivate punters to play responsibly. We are also setting an example for other stakeholders in the digital entertainment sector who must also recognize their responsibility to address the drawbacks of sports gaming as much as we all embrace the upside,” – added Ukanwoke.

The campaign will go live across a mix of television and digital platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and leading OTT platforms. This will be complemented with strong on-ground execution to leverage BetKing’s wide agent network through retail displays.


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