Five fascinating trivia about online casinos

The increasing interest of people in online casinos is due to the intriguing and exciting games it offers. Free games and bonuses also motivate players to keep on playing. For instance, the ones from can be your great option.

Despite its popularity, there are still many things about an online casino that can fascinate you. Here are some of them:

1 – The 2022 global gambling market is $456.61 billion.

The continuous growth in the global gambling market is from the increasing popularity of gambling apps. The market expansion for the gaming industry is also massive.

There was an increase of 169.18 billion gambling market from the previous year, 2021. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the Asia Pacific was the largest gambling market in 2021.

The high demand for gambling has made many more people engage in online casinos. According to studies, the global gambling market will grow at a compound annual rate of 16.5% in 2026.

2 – Slots are also known as fruit machines

In the past, winning in a slot machine would reward you with chewing gum. The figures shown in slot machines are fruits. You can see different fruits like oranges, apples, melons, cherries, and many more. Hence, the name.

O. D. Jennings Industry Novelty Company was the first to use fruit reel symbols. From this classic casino concept, the online casino slot is born. A usual trend among online casino slots is determining the payout rate per symbol. The low-paying symbols are fruits like lemons and cherries.

3 – The first formation of online casino was in 1994

The company Microgaming founded by Martin Moshal was the first online casino formed in 1994. During the same year, Antigua and Barbuda government introduced The Free Trade and Processing Act. Due to this, many organizations can receive a license to start their online casinos.

On this point, Microgaming created the online casino platform without a big team and resources. Today, the company values a multibillion-dollar industry.

4 – Women prefer games of chance while men prefer games of skill in online casino

Studies show that men are more motivated to learn the game’s complexity than women. You can note that men are more active and competitive in online casino games than women.

On the other hand, women are logical and would enjoy more social and chance games. However, research also suggests that men and women can excel in games of chance and skills in an online casino.

5 – There is a secret blackjack jackpot

Your goal in blackjack is to draw cards as near to 21 without going over.

But Americans have other ways to make the game more interesting. So they introduced the secret jackpot for players to win the game.

You can win the secret blackjack jackpot when you collect an ace of spades with either of the blackjacks. However, you should also know that the size will vary from different online casinos.


Online casinos changed the style of people in gambling. The convenient gaming experience from the comfort of your home encourages more people to play.

The entertainment gives an excitement to any player. Playing online casinos can relax and stimulate your mind. The following trivia can help you understand the games more and have a more meaningful gaming affair.


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