Flutterwave Partners with Airtel Money

Flutterwave, in partnership with Airtel money to enhance payment and transaction services for eastern African businesses in different industries, the partnership will see Fluterwave allow transactions through Airtel Money for companies in Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, and Rwanda.

On the 5th of October in Nairobi, Kenya 2021, Flutterwave, one of Africa’s leading payment technology firms, announced a partnership with Airtel Money, the dedicated mobile money platform, to expand Airtel Money’s Services to businesses across Eastern Africa.

The partnership enables companies integrating Flutterwave in Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, and Rwanda to receive payments from Airtel Money customers and make bulk payments into Airtel Money wallets thanks to Airtel Money’s proprietary fintech platforms.

The new services will go live subject to regulatory approvals in the respective countries and reach Airtel Money’s 19.2 million customers in East Africa. However, the Covid-19 has triggered a widespread shift in the adoption of mobile money services, with the GSMA reporting a 12.7 per cent increase in the number of registered global mobile money accounts in 2020. As the trend continues its upward surge, this partnership further responds to the growing dominance of cashless societies across the sub-Saharan region and the need to penetrate digital innovation deeper into communities across Africa.

Interestingly, given the change in consumer behaviour and increase in e-commerce, businesses in different sectors, such as the recent influx of sports betting firms, logistics companies, health care sector, will benefit from this partnership in the East African region. Increasingly, the influx of mobile money payments is evident in Africa; this partnership will deepen financial inclusion and allow different payment options for customers for their purchase of goods and services in the eCommerce. With the massive adoption of mobile payment in various sectors, players will have more payment options to deposit and receive payment in the betting industry.

Furthermore, larger businesses find it cheaper, faster, and more convenient to make bulk payments, direct to their employees or customers’ mobile money wallets.

During the announcement Flutterwave Founder and CEO Olugbenga GB Agboola commented,

“Our business goal is to continue to support African businesses digitize their payments methods and introduce them to a world of opportunities that come with digitalization. We are excited to have partnered with Airtel Money to advance further local businesses’ payment methods which will allow them to increasingly provide more services to their customers, grow their customer base and revenue.”

Airtel Mobile Commerce BV CEO Vimal Kumar Ambat commented:

“Airtel Money is committed to bridging the digital divide and enhancing financial and digital inclusion for millions of businesses across sub-Saharan Africa. our partnership with Flutterwave will help to empower even more customers through simple and accessible payments services using the latest technologies that support business innovation and boost local economies.”

Interestingly, as mentioned earlier, this kind of partnership is a game-changer that will aid different industries in the East Africa region.

The mobile online betting enthusiast will be delighted with this partnership as several bettors in the industry will be well pleased to choose from many payment options choosing from the brand that provide convenience and affordability.

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