Football Betting Diaries: All you need to know about ‘combos’

Keeping up with the trend in this series to help you understand football betting better, we will be selecting and expanding on different betting markets to help you make a more informed football betting decision.

What is a combo?

Combo often referred to as combination or combined markets provide punters with the opportunity to combine different markets as the name suggests.

The need to combine markets could either be for safety or as an odds booster, meaning combos can either increase or decrease the original odds.


Nigeria are valued at 1.75 odds for a win against Tunisia but a win and over 1.5 goals combo shoots up the odds to 2.44 for what is a very likely outcome.

There are many different types of combinations available for punters, multiple betting markets have been merged over the years to give more options. The most popular ones are the win and over combos which you will most likely see on betting platforms as 1 x 2 & Over/Under.

That simply means you can select one of a home win, draw or away win alongside the goals option, over or under depending on your view of the game in question.

The over/under options available in a combo can range from 1.5 to 4.5 depending on the teams involved and ultimately the bookie.

Other popular combo markets include GG/NG & Over/under which is as self-explanatory as it looks. Simply deciding whether or not both teams will score as well as reach or not reach a certain amount of goals. Double Chance & Over Under as well follows the same premise as the previous markets, it is probably the most common of all combo markets.

Chance mix

The chance mix is a type of combo that has grown over the years into its own movement. It provides the same options as a standard combo but with one important difference; ‘or’ instead of ‘&’.

The regular combos use ‘&’ that is a combination of two or more markets while the chance mix uses ‘or’ because it offers a choice between two markets. In a regular combo, all the different markets selected must be fulfilled by the teams involved but in the chance mix, you only need one.

A typical chance mix option would be 1 or Over 2.5 meaning you believe one of these two options will happen in the game in question. If both occur in the game, you are still on course to win. The chance mix is generally lower in odds and is preferred by a lot of people because it signifies safety.

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