For the first time in Rwanda, Gamers to win bonuses with Gorilla Games’ New USSD Feature

Every aspect of our lives has been touched by COVID-19, our work life, our personal life, down to the activities we used to do for fun. Companies that provide digital services are now finding themselves with a bigger role to play and a larger audience to cater to and this has encouraged them to step up to the plate.

Gorilla Games as Rwanda’s leading online gaming platform falls squarely in this category and it has risen to the challenge with its latest innovative feature. Gorilla Gamers will now have access to bonuses via USSD making it a first in gaming history here in Rwanda.

These bonuses previously accessible via smartphones for mobile app and website users, were always perceived to be limiting for non-smartphone users but Gorilla Games has broken this barrier to allow everyone access to them. And this comes in handy at such a time as people steer through this Guma Murugo period.

This feature was created with ‘ease of access’ in mind as Yvette Ndabaga Shumbusho, Gorilla Games’ Brand Manager explained:

‘This feature is the first of its kind in Rwanda and we created it because we want our community to be able to access all the opportunities we have lined up for them no matter what device they use in the process. This is an opportunity to level the playing field for every player and help them win more with us. We mean it when we say anyone CAN win with us.”

With the sports season in full swing and competitions such as CHAN and the UEFA Champions League keeping die hard fans on their toes, this feature could not have come at a better time.

As a special treat to Gorilla Games everywhere, the platform will give users a free betting bonus of 500 Frw to anyone who bets regardless of the amount. This campaign will be valid from 04th to 09th February 2021.

More bonus opportunities will be made available to users gradually in the weeks to follow as a way to make their Gaming experience unique and enjoyable. Gamers are encouraged to follow Gorilla Games on Social Media and stay tuned for updates so they can snatch up the bonuses that will be up for grabs.

About Gorilla Games
Owned by Cheza Rwanda Games Limited, Gorilla Games is a locally licensed integrated online betting company that was introduced in 2019. Gamers can now access Gorilla Games anytime, and from anywhere via their website, their Casino and Sportsbook android apps and the USSD feature by dialing *878#. Gaming on Gorilla Games is limited to users above 18 and remember, Play Responsibly.

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