FOX9JA exposes the truth about Nigerian online casinos

Have you ever wondered what that is? FOX9JA – is a new site which has the most unbiased reviews about the most popular Nigerian betting platforms. This is the kind of information that FOX9JA looked to see if anyone else was reporting. They found that it was not. In fact, it was hidden.

It’s all part of FOX9JA’s effort to let people know what’s going on there. They took a deep look at the entire Nigerian market and reveal the deeply hidden truths about it. So, they started building up sources within the casinos themselves to dig it up. They then figured that with things like the Bet9Ja review they could expose them to the world.

An old saying is that “If it looks too good to be true then it probably is.” That’s what started FOX9JA on their crusade to open up the marketplace of online Nigerian casinos. They realized a lot of money was floating around and want to find out where it came from and where it’s going. What they found out may shock you – but that’s entirely the point FOX9JA was trying to make.

For example, did you know that Merrybet has no welcome bonus at all? Instead, they give you 5% of your loses back every week as a free bet. If you refer a friend, they will give you half of their first losses back each week – but only if you opt into that offer. Plus, they will give you a free bet if you ask for it.

What is the impact of policies like this? Is it an attempt to entice people to convince their friends and coworkers to start online gambling? Or is it just a way for friends to exchange information? FOX9JA takes a close hard look at what’s going on.

Did you know that Betking is where the people with the real money go to place their bets? That’s because with their welcome bonus they will match your money up to 500,000 naira. Small punters can play here too, as the minimum deposit for the welcome bonus is only 100 naira.

Nairabet, is right in the middle of what online casinos offer. You only have to make a 50-naira deposit there to be rewarded with matching funds. And they will match the funds up to 50,000 naira. This is an appreciable deal for the average gambler who doesn’t have 500,000 naira to deposit. Comparing to Bet9Ja casino which requires people to put 100 naira in deposit and to receive the Bet9Ja free bet. Yet that bonus is only matched up to 1,000 naira.

FOX9JA started with just looking at creating the reviews. But as they got more and more information in, they started to crunch the numbers and see what their insider sources were telling them. They started seeing an image of Nigerian casinos that wasn’t that great. Then they assembled the data into graphics so the average person could see what’s going on.

Their results will shock most people. They discovered that one casino – which seems local in its ads – actually makes 20 times what any other Nigerian casino makes. You can see that in a simple graphic that FOX9JA created comparing all the casinos in Nigeria. It’s a real wake up call for anyone who wants to bet with smaller, more local online casinos.

FOX9JA went into this investigation with the idea that the average Nigerian gambler should have a sense of what’s happening with their money. Were they betting with a larger UK brand and seeing their money leave the country? Or were they betting with someone who would help the Nigerian community?

Yet they have stayed true to their roots. If you just want to know what an online casino is going to be like you can check out the Bet9Ja review and read about who owns it, what the Bet9Ja bonus is like and so on.

All of this helps paint a fairly accurate image of what is going on with Nigerian casinos. You can take that information, look at it and decide whether you want to bet at a certain casino or not. That gives you the power to put your money where you think it belongs.


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