Gabon Attitude to Betting and Gambling

Gabon is located on the west coast of central Africa and a French-speaking nation. Gambling and betting started way earlier before gambling laws of 2005 were kept in place and since sportsbooks are penetrating the gambling industry of Gabon.

Sports betting, lottery, and horse racing are more common than any other gambling method in Gabon. Horse racing is among the favorite even though the country has no race track but horse racing fanatics can place a bet on French horse racing tournaments. Regardless, 21 is the legal gambling age.
The competition to find customers and retain the old ones has contributed to the growth of the gambling industry. Advertising and marketing have played a big role in attracting and maintaining customers. Sportsbooks in Gabon attract players with enticing bonuses and free bets.

Gabon Attitude to Sport betting

The growth of the gambling industry has been supported by mobile betting. Players access betting sites through apps and mobile sites. Gabon has reliable internet connectivity and people can easily access mobile phones. Gabonese players are free to play on any international online gambling sites as no laws are governing online gambling. NetBet, GeneBet, Premierbet, Betway, Melbet, 22Bet, and 1XBet are some of the betting sites available for Gabonese bettors. The betting sites are in French, the national language of Gabon.

Offline betting is also available for Gabonese bettors. There are plenty of betting shops in Gabon and the majority are situated in Libreville, the Capital of Gabon.

Gabon Attitude to Lottery

The lottery is one of the rigid and accepted gambling forms by the Gabonese population. Gabonese citizens participate through a raffle system whereby people buy a numbered ticket with chances of winning a prize. The lottery is managed by Pari Mutuel Urbaine Gabonaise.

Gabon Attitude to Casinos

Casinos are one of the popular gambling forms. There are a number of land-based casinos available for Gabonese casino enthusiasts. All casinos are located in Libreville, the capital of Gabon and only one is in Franceville, Leconi Palace Intercontinental Hotel Casino. All casinos in poker feature a variety of casino games like table games, card games and machine slot games.
Gabon is not a tourism destination and the available casinos mostly attract the local population and a few tourists. Both locals and tourists are familiar with only two casinos that are well-known and considered to among the largest casinos in Gabon. These are:

Casino Croisette

Casino Croisette is the most popular gambling establishment In Gabon. It was established in 1997 and attracts both locals and tourists. The casino features a piano-bar atmosphere with affordable drinks and has a weekly poker tournament. Apart from the poker game, they also offer European Electronic Roulette and slot machines. Casino Croisette opens daily from 11 am.

Casino Port-Gentil

Casino Port-Gentil is the second popular gambling establishment in Gabon. It is famously known for hosting a live poker tournament known as The Tournoi Gabon. It also offers other casino games such as slots, roulette, and blackjack. Casino Port-Gentil opens daily from 10 pm.

Other casino establishments
• Fortune’s Club
• Le Merdien Re-Ndama Hotel Casino
• Novotel-Rapontchombo Hotel Casino
• Okoume Palace Inter-Continental Hotel Casino
• Sofitel Dialogue Hotel Casino

Gabon Attitude to Bingo

Traditionally, Bingo uncommon in Gabon like any other African nation. There are no Bingo halls in Gabon plus casinos in Gabon don’t host any bingo games or bingo halls. However, bingo players in Gabon can access international online bingo sites because there are no laws that prohibiting players from gambling online.

Gabon Attitude to Poker

Poker is a popular gambling game played offline and online by Gabonese punters. A poker player will never miss a game of poker in a casino. Casinos in Gabon mostly hold poker tournaments like The Tournoi Gabon hosted by Casino Port-Gentil. Moreover, Casino Croisette hosts weekly tournaments. Poker enthusiasts can also access foreign online poker sites since no local sites are offering online poker and laws on online poker are unregulated.

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