Gambler in Malawi won K51 millions

28year old vegetable vendor in Malawi won K51 millions from Premier bet. According to Jordan he said that he has been betting since 2016 and was winning small chuncks of money, he never thought of ever winning a jackpot.

With this immediate win Andrew Jordan said he has plans of buying house first and later proceed to whether he can continue with his agro business or invest in some other business.

Like any other country in Africa Malawi youth also participate in betting and of premier bet a sports betting company it has been paying out bigger jack pots won by others like lejeshani Jannat in apirl who won K109 millions in two tickets respectively of K1000 and K2300.

Joseph Malonda the premier bet official said that they are very happy with the overwhelming with the betting enthusiasts across the country that say premier bet is their to change their lives.
However still there is betting the official encounges that there should be responsible gambling by carrying out awareness to use the earnings wisely and invest in something tangible.

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