Gambling Addiction Is Becoming An Urgent Problem In Nigeria

People in Africa’s most populous country are increasingly engaged in betting and other gambling activities. Their efforts to better their economic situation often result in further losses, pushing them deeper into financial hardship.

In Nigeria, media reports are frequently highlighting instances of individuals, driven by the desire for wealth or other motives, falling into sports betting addiction. This phenomenon is not limited to the general populace but is also prevalent among business owners and executives of large, including multinational, corporations.

There are cases where individuals, in an attempt to fuel their gambling habits, have resorted to selling personal and business properties, and in some instances, even misusing the working capital of various companies. Such actions inevitably lead to massive financial losses, accumulating debts, and ensuing social issues.

Getting into addiction has never been so easy before

In the past, placing a bet required physically visiting a betting shop, but now, it’s as simple as using a phone. Players can easily register on, choose an event, and place their bets. Additionally, they can access websites or social media platforms featuring prediction experts, which provide guidance and help even beginners make informed betting decisions.

Not surprisingly, this pastime has become extremely popular among Nigerians due to the widespread use of mobile devices even in this not the richest African country.

Addicts do not want to discuss their problems

Journalists of Nigerian media quite often call their compatriots to discuss the phenomenon of gambling addiction, but rarely get consent for interviews or even short comments on the problem.

The reasons, as psychologists say, lie in banal shame, as most of the addicts consider their addiction worthy of censure and are not in a hurry to disclose it even to close people, not to mention outsiders. However, continue to lose again and again, this does not prevent them at all.

What to do in this situation

According to Victor Esseigne, a mental health expert at the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Calabar, psychosocial and medication tools are necessary for the treatment of gambling addiction, as only in this case it is possible to comprehensively succeed in solving these problems.

In turn, therapist-consultant Dedoyin Ajayi noted the need to pay attention to the full rehabilitation of addicts in the same way as it happens with drug addicts. In addition, the availability of such assistance, he said, should grow significantly. After all, often people simply do not have money for such treatment or they can not get it due to the lack of specialized specialists nearby.

The role of prevention is also important, for which it is necessary to launch wide information campaigns on the subject of the harm of betting on sports and gambling in general in the same social networks. And this is a very big, complex and long-term work.


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