Gambling Books: Anecdotes, Strategy & Luck!

Is gambling your favourite occupation?! So it is not out of the question that you will love watching casino movies and reading gambling books as well. Besides being a mental pleasure, reading non GamStop casino books can introduce you to the top winning strategies used by brilliant players, ways to reduce the house edge, and even how to gain a statistical advantage to increase your chances of winning.

The Professor, The Banker And The Suicide King – Michael Craig

The book “The Professor, The Banker, & The Suicide King” was published some time ago, but is still a wonderful book. It’s the romanticised story of Andrew Beal’s poker adventures. He started playing poker in 2001 and won millions in a short time.

He didn’t necessarily need those millions. He started as a banker with his own bank. From there he started investing in real estate and he is now estimated to have a net worth of 9 billion. But his poker story is interesting and is written down by Michael Craig, a former lawyer who has turned to the game of poker.

Blood Aces – Doug J. Swanson

It is an interesting book for the poker-playing entrepreneurs among our visitors. It’s full of techniques that the wily Binion used to motivate his customers and keep his employees on their toes. Worth reading, but less apt for imitation, are Binion’s methods of fighting his competition. In the latter case, he did not always use legal means and was also regularly assisted by corrupt police officers!

But he also had a good vision of games of chance. And he put these into practice with humour and indeed sometimes cold-blooded actions. Doug J. Swanson wrote the book and he occasionally talks about poker techniques. After all, Benny Binion was also the man behind the World Series of Poker, the world’s most important poker event.

Black Belt in Blackjack – Arnold Snyder

Arnold Synder belongs to the top according to many professional Blackjack players. The top authors in Blackjack books and Blackjack players. He rightfully has the black belt in Blackjack and he can title his book that way. The book tells you all the secrets surrounding the popular card game Blackjack.

If you already have some knowledge of the game, this is really recommended. It definitely raises your level. Although of course, we cannot give any guarantees. Because in the end, it’s quite 21 spicy chapters that you have to struggle through!

But then everything really happened about playing together, counting cards, camouflage techniques and much more. And don’t be put off by our choice of words. The wrestling is also worth it again. Snyder knows better than anyone how to translate the game into simplicity.

The Frugal Gambler – Jean Scott

Teacher Jean Scott and her husband had been coming to the casino for years. She was known to a handful of professional players. That changed when she wrote the book ‘the frugal gambler’ after her retirement. She quickly became known in a worldwide reading circle. And she was nicknamed “gambling grandmother.”

‘The Frugal Gambler’ from 1998 is her first book. She tells with many anecdotes and advice how you can win more or lose less as a player with limited resources. Part of that, of course, is money management and getting bonuses, discounts and the like.

But there are also many techniques explained in the book. In her later books she mainly focuses on money management. She, therefore, discusses casinos and games and focuses more on video gambling.

Beating the Casinos – Peter Svoboda

According to the back cover of this book, it suits both beginners and advanced gamblers. Svoboda handles various games like Baccarat, Blackjack and Poker. He does this remarkably extensively for a book with several subjects. Besides game rules, strategy and the like, he even deals with money management.

But an advanced player will soon get bored with this book. However, it is recommended for beginners. And then we also take a look at the full title ‘Beat casinos at their own game’. The comprehensive book introduces the beginner to various games so that winning is indeed possible quickly. We call it ‘beginner’s luck, of course.

Roll The Bones – David G. Schwartz

Roll the Bones is a pleasantly readable history book. No techniques and rules of the game, but stories about how games of chance developed into what they are today. There are remarkable stories. Like that of the French writer Voltaire. He would have devised a trick to win a lottery with which he won almost 10 million old Franks or that of the Russian writer Dostoevsky, an avid gambler who even wrote a nice book about gambling.

‘Roll the bones’ is a very old expression by the way. It was first used in the late 1800s, with ‘bones’ referring to dice.

Powerful Profits From Internet Gambling – Victor H Royer

We’d better remove this title and focus on the writer. Because at Victor H Royer you can choose from numerous books. This prolific writer wrote fewer books than novelist Herman Brusselmans, but with more than 20 books and numerous articles about gambling and non GamStop casinos, you have plenty of choices. In addition, he covers specific topics such as online gambling, blackjack and poker. But he has also written general books and even novel-like ones that involve gambling. So you can choose the book that you feel like these days. You can’t beat the price, most are available as ebooks for less than 3.50 euros.

They are recommended. Victor H Royer was an advisor to the major casinos in Vegas for many years and an active gambler himself. He has a lot of special experience in the gambling world, an extensive network of informants and a playful way of writing. In recent years, after his retirement, he also writes fantasy stories in which no games of chance occur.


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