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One of the most remarkable events of this century has been the growth of the gaming industry. Until comparatively recently games were seen as activities for children and teenagers and lagged far behind other forms of entertainment like music, television and movies in terms of revenue.

All of that has changed now though. Gaming is the entertainment sector that is enjoying the fastest growth and that is a global phenomenon. Most of this growth is for online gaming and particular subsectors like digital casinos are helping to drive it.

These casinos are expanding their operations into every part of the globe – including Nigeria. That expansion has turned the gaming industry into an increasingly important one for the international economy.

The games industry covers a wide area, but certain niches are more popular than others. They are the ones behind the +0.6% growth that means there are currently more than 3.38 billion gamers around the world.

Online Casino

This is among the gaming niches experiencing the most significant growth. Around 1.6 billion people like to gamble and casino games are the choice of a great many of them.

The rise of these games is partly down to improvements in the casino sites, such as the introduction of live casino gaming using video streams. It is also down to relaxation in the laws concerning online gambling in much of the world. This makes it far easier than before for people to play casino games online without risking breaking the law. Furthermore, it is now simple for people to find an online casino that will suit their tastes using helpful internet resources.

Video games played on consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation are another big growth area. The market for these video games in the US alone is worth more than $85.86 billion.

The global growth has been fuelled by hugely successful franchises like Grand Theft Auto as well as tech developments such as virtual reality that are improving the experience.

Mobile Gaming

The other major area of growth is in mobile gaming. Much of this is being powered by gambling games, as people play online slots or place bets on sporting events using their phones.

Mobile gaming is accounting for a bigger slice of the market every year. Alongside those options mentioned above, many top console and PC games have been adapted for mobiles – including Call of Duty and League of Legends.

Mobile specific titles like Candy Crush Saga have also helped to drive growth. Main Factors behind Online Gaming Growth


If we attempt to understand why gaming online – including games that involve gambling – is growing, convenience must be considered a key reason. This is an age of convenience, so people want entertainment to be available with the minimal amount of effort.

Most forms of online gaming can be accessed in just that way. PC action, adventure and role-playing games simply have to be bought while creating an account at a digital casino can be completed in minutes.

Mobile gaming takes that a step further still as mobiles are so portable that they allow people to carry their games with them and play them during breaks in the day. Of all the forms of entertainment on offer now, gaming most fits the convenience that is demanded.

Global Connections

The worldwide expansion of gaming has meant that there is a customer base for it across the globe. Gamers now can play games alongside their existing friends, but they can also connect with people in other countries who share their interests.

The Role of Technology

All of this is possible due to advances in technology. Everything from the game graphics to the PCs, phones and consoles that people play them on is getting better all the time.

That is helping to drive the growth of the market, because people will always be drawn to a superior product. The emergence of new tech such as artificial intelligence as well as both virtual and augmented reality means that this is an ongoing process. These advances are already starting to be applied to games and they have the potential to further increase its appeal and reach in years to come.

Technology now means that people who like a more social aspect to their online gaming can play live casino games against real dealers and rivals or visit the chat rooms of online bingo sites. It is ensuring that there are games for all tastes, so more people are embracing gaming.


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